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Phil B
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New Zealand yet another website!


I'm feeling brave, so here goes....

I've just got a website made to promote the kids party side of my performing. I was wondering if anyone here would like to have a look and let me know what they think.

I've seen before that the responses here can be a little brutal, but I think I'm ready..

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Victor Rubilar
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I think the site looks good for what your market is. I would personally go smaller in the fonts in the logo area and in the icons (home, bookings, etc).
you could make it smaller and by so making fit the whole site in the screen so that it is not necessary to scroll down to see you contact info.
Also, I personally find it...mmm... i dont know how to say it. But not smart to have your price list in it. By doing so you will only get those prices. May be someday you get the b-day party of Beckhams son (does he have a son?) and you will be stuck charging 170 pounds for a huge gig.

Victor Rubilar
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It looks good, but I would use larger fonts, just in case a grandma is looking to book entertainment for grandkids, older people can not read text that small!
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Phil B
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: London, uk
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Thanks for the tips.
I thought for quite a long time about whether to include prices or not. I'm aiming this website at a very local market, so don't expect to get beckhams family here in Torquay. I have another website I promote to agents which lists all my other work and I definitely wouldn't put my prices on there.

And I see your points about the space and text sizes. It's always a hard call with things like that, too small it's hard to read, too big it takes up too much space and doesn't look good. I'll have a think about it.

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I think it's fine - bright, interesting. I would think about using some bold or italics for your "party tips" thing. Long pages of text are basically a no-no.

You might also want to explain why the price goes up for other areas (I suppose it's obvious, but might not be for everyone).

Otherwise, a great, simple site with good text. Good job
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martin ewen
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Old people don't like incontinence jokes either. Signed 'old person'

All that stuff the quotes, the comedy, it's subjective but those jokes are aimed at the client paying who wants to see your tone? Or the kids?

I like the dead grandma joke but that's just me and the I p freely quote would have lost the sale in a percentage of viewers is my opinion.

It's a good clean concise local market website though.
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Scot Free
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i would take out your pricing info... i doubt it's your intention is to undercut the competition and drive rates down but it's not going to help you or anyone by posting them up there... and as Victor said it locks you into those prices... it's easy enough to send quotes out individually as inquiries come in... just saying....

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dave walbridge
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I'd use real quote from happy clients and kids..Sells much better.
David Walbridge
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