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Lightbulb Cruise ship agents suggestions

Does anyone out there work with a cruise ship agent or agency that they'd recommend?
Or a particular cruise line that treated you well?


Thom Britain
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Dear Thom,

I worked with Star Cruise last year on both the SSVIRGO in Singapore and the SSLEO in Hong Kong. I got work directly dealing with the entertainment director.

I found Star treated me well and have respect for the performers on their ships, though some times dealing with them wasa little difficult as I have found with dealing with a lot of agents or corporations in Asia can be a little difficult at times.

I think the best thing to do is invest a little money and get one of the 'agent booklets' that are for sale on the web. I don't have one one myself but from what I have read on line they are probably the best avenue into the Cruise industry.

I found that the ships gennerally want a performer who has is able to perform acouple of different acts or routines.

Feel freee to e-mail me if you want any other information or contacts at Star.

Good luck and regards Toby Whittington.
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