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martin ewen
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Default You have to laugh, because it's simply sub serious .

Get 'selected' for a new young festival run by a marketing company.

I say " great, send me particulars so I can look at viability '

Two weeks pass, I get a letter from marketing company "good news!" " we got you a hotel for two days!" ( it's a two day event)

I reply guardedly. "and...?" (only I use more words)

They reply "oh and $300" (amounting to around two thirds my travel cost)

So I suggest we look at nearby employment prospects before or after and they offer possibilities.

Then I ask for specifics and they admit the possibilities they offered are not applicable but for me to please make a decision as to whether I accepted their 'offer' within two working days.


I reply

So the potential to work elsewhere to supplement the agreed financial loss I'd incur by working your event on further scrutiny is seen not to exist.

I'm still struggling to see what allows you to suppose or presume I would have any incentive whatsoever to do so. I'll admit to a degree of career masochism but having it be the the agreed basis of our negotiations is simply insulting to both our intelligences.

Once again, fully aware that your fee will not cover my expenses and fully aware that additional prospects are by your own admission nil and void you somehow still labor under the idea that a decision needs to be made?

That perhaps I'd decide to lose not only income but capital in attending your event?

Best of luck.spam
If in future you can look at the financial viability as it effects the performers you 'select' to the extent that a loss on their part isn't an accepted basis of your negotiations then do get back to me.

Sorry we couldn't work something out but the reason is so redundantly self evident as to make your offer a surreal exercise in applied overconfidence.
Disappointing as it might be to your organization no I am not prepared to pay to work for you.

Still cheerfullyspam

My name.
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nick nickolas
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Did they reply yet Martin?

I suggest China is a better option,

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martin ewen
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Yep got an email the next day

"sorry, so and so's out of the office today so I'm filling in. (yeah right)

Sorry if you feel your intelligence was insulted. Nicy nice nice nice maybe work sometime in the future."

I replied with a long and detailed breakdown of the strategies used on the formation of ch-ch, auck, Fremantle and various Canadian initial fests.
It was a long and helpful letter because I care more about the future pf these fests than I do about being insulted by ineptitude.

One zinger though , I addressed my intelligence being insulted thus
Don't worry about insulting my intelligence. To be frank you are a marketing company, intelligence is an impediment you have to work around to achieve your goals by the definition of marketing. You deal with feelings and mine are not that brittle."

Yeah china called again. Dados doing it. I might do it just to help him cling to his sanity. Still haven't actually stamped on that particular dogshit in a burning paper bag on the doorstep gig.

I'm just too much of a people pleaser.
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