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Default Calling all performers in the London area

Hi all,
I just received a request today from a small London based theatre company, some of you may know them from their exploits at the Fringe; well certainly their extremist division.

They are holding a street party in April and asked if I would spread the word.

quote from email bellow.

"I am organising a massive street party on 29th April for the Royal Wedding on the street and the park outside the Tea House Theatre. It is going to be a wonderful event with tea and cake and games and sideshows.

The park was formerly known as the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens and back in the 18th and 19th centuries it was the place to go for evening entertainment. We will be bringing that back over the next few years with the help of the other local theatre and cabaret venues, the local residents and the council.

I wanted to know if any of the street artists are going to be in London on the Friday 29th April and might be looking for a lovely pitch, it is a grass bowl, almost like an amphitheatre and we are expecting a good crowd for our wedding street party.

I would be very grateful if you could put a call out on the jungle telegraph for me because it would be great to have some of the worlds best street artists around, they would get to work somewhere new and the day should be a whole heap of fun.

Anyone who would like more details can get me on this e-mail address.

We are also working with an existing festival on the same site in late July. It is looking to expand and is generally used as a warm up to Edinburgh. I will have more details to send out about this later."

If anyone can help these guys and girls out I would be truly grateful

These guy's got me my first Scotsman picture posted.

Hope someone can help them out, so pass the word.


Mr Brown
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