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le pire
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Post a recommendation and a warning

I believe in good service and just want to spread the word about two independent merchants that I use that have given me FANTASTIC service.

EXCELLENT sennheiser microphones, brand new, at half the retail cost. Incredible customer service and extremely reliable.

Use them. You'll be glad you did. Ultra-high quality waterless printing, and you'll save $500-$1000. Ask for Jason.


I used an independent "graphic artist" to do layouts for me. I can't name him for certain reasons, but let me just say this: He fuckin' sucked. He had no eye whatsoever for what looked good on a page, complained CONSTANTLY whenever I asked for any changes, and would tinker with photos on photoshop that did not need any work. I ended up having to re-do the layouts myself.

Before I hired this guy he showed me an impressive portfolio-- it turns out that what he showed me were projects he had worked on as part of a team with a big design firm (before they downsized him). This was not him solo, which is what I was getting. The legal term (if I wanted to sue his ass) for this is misrepresenation. My warning is this: be extra careful when hiring someone to do your promo.

promo (print and website) consists of the following:

Photos, text/content, layout, printing. If any ONE of these is not up to speed, the whole project is derailed. Take the time to work on each of these aspects SPECIFICALLY and find the right people who are able to work with you and "speak your language." It took me two years to find a photographer who understood what I wanted to achieve, and the results are worth it. Best to you all,

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Mr.Taxi Trix
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and the best photographer on the planet is...

Michael Cairns, wet orange studio, 407 839 3965.

He's in Florida, and worth the flight. Rob Torres turned me on to him, and I believe you used him too, Etienne.

He just gets you in the right mindset and snap. Its all good.

(Don't judge him by my website, those are homespun photos. I think Rob's, at is a good example.
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Send a message via AIM to scot

San Francisco photographer Meg Escude took most of the pics on my site. She's awesome and works doing other jobs most of the time. She should be working full time as a photographer -- with her skill.

my photo page
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