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Default Mister Melodeon


I used to be on here years ago and one thing led to another and I dropped off the edge of the earth. Well, I didn't really, but you'd think that when someone doesn't have much of an Internet presence.

Actually I'm a street and subway musician who also does private parties and the occasional cafe venue.

I play the melodeon, the diatonic button accordion; that's the smaller rectangular box played in most countries *except* the USA. It's what you see the gondoliers, the mariachis, and the Italian crooners play. But I don't play accordion music. I hate accordion music. I play cheesy pop tunes for the most part. My playing style sounds sort of French. It takes people aback when they're strolling around and I whip out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" or the "Brady Bunch" theme song. That's the point; to catch people off-guard.

Oh, my photo to the left is from a pirate party where I turned my cheesy pop tunes into sea chanties. You can do amazing things with a song when you change the rhythm.

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accordion, melodeon

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