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Default Baden-Baden, Germany - The Rules

In case you go

Baden Baden is a charming, small, expensive town in Western Germany relatively near Zurich and Stuttgart. It's known for a medium size arts festival, horse-racing, and the wonderful baths, which are like big spas full of saunas and whirlpools and lots of naked Germans. Totally relaxing and awesome.

Sunshine Apartments are the cheapest digs in town - centrally located, you can walk to everything. Not fancy - bring your own soap, not all rooms have their own baths, but many have kitchens. Linens and towels provided. Karin Rausch is the owner and she's awesome and super-sweet.

The city has a large pedestrian zone and a lot of rich old people. We saw two so-so human statues, neither had a crowd. They were the first buskers we'd seen in four visits.

We tracked down the rules.

- no circle shows. No. They are not interested in your experience, your credits, your insurance or your entertainment value. If you can't take up less than 1 square metre, it's a no.
- no amps. No.
- no fire. No.
- no acrobatics, even if it takes place in less than 1 square metre. Because you might draw a crowd and then it would be difficult.

If you are a human statue or a solo musician:

Go to the Burgerburo. It's out of town - take Leinestrasse to Rheinstrasse, wind through the neighborhood, pass the school, then take a left at the light by the church. There is a small white sign saying "Bezidingen Zentrum". Take the next right, yes, into the neighborhood. The Burgerburo is the tall red-brown building on the left about a block down.

Go to the second floor, room 7. See Frau Polly. She's not in every day (not the Wednesday we first came) but she was in Thursday. When she's in, she's in from 8-12 and 14-17.30.

Permits are 6E per day.

You must move 200 metres every half hour.

That's all, folks!
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