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Default Banff, Alberta - The Rules

Banff is a touristy small town in the mountains - lots of skiing, hiking, horseback riding, etc, and a lively, touristy downtown area full of fudge and t-shirt shops.

There are 3 designated pitches on the main drag, Banff Avenue, and there's also a park (Central Park) at the end of the street with a Wednesday farmer's market that seemed pretty bustling. The Farmer's Market controls the green space next to them when they are on; contact them at for permission/arrangements.

Two of the three main pitches are "one dude with a guitar" pitches, too small for circle shows. The third pitch, a parkette on the corner of Caribou and Banff with a depressed area in the middle, looks great for a circle show, but you need permission from the Parks Department, not the city, for anything of size. One juggler could probably get away with it; my trapeze act could not. Contact the Parks Canada office at (403) 762-1500 before you go.

Busking permits are required, and are available at the Town Hall, on Bear Street between Caribou and Buffalo (it's a large building across from the library).

Permits are $25/two days, $50/seven days, $100/four months.

The local rules include:

Designated areas only
Designated times only
No amps
No "high risk or unsafe" performances
Neat and clean appearance
No CD's/merch
Quality control - there's some very circumspect language on the rules list that indicates they reserve the right to shut you down if you suck. Glory be.

Complete rules, the map, and the application are here:

Happy travels!
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