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Default Going to Barcelona via Dublin - any suggestions?

Hey yall, I finally booked my euro-trip - I am flying to Barcelona on Air Lingus, this way I will be able to stay in Ireland for 2 weeks for only 100$ extra. I always book transatlantic flights this way to be able to see another country as a transit stop...The trick here is to fly on the airline of the 'middle" country, I got into it on my trips to Mother-Russia on KLM or Air France..

So, I'll be in Dublin for 2 weekends in september with 4 days in Galway during the week, and then 20 days in Barcelona in early october. Any suggestions on good places for face-painting (that's what I do)? Do cops actually check if you just work for tips - or charge? - if you do not sell any objects and do not have a price list? I had no problem telling folks in Paris that I want to get 5-10 euro a face...What's the deal in Ireland and Spain? Can I set up with chairs and pictures, or only walk-around? I sure do not want to get arrested in a foreign country! And if anybody lives there and wants to hang out and have a drink or smoke - send me a private message! Peace yall.
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