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Default Busking with animals?

Hi, I have a pet kinkajou who is very outgoing and I thought it would be cool to somehow busk with him. He would enjoy it very much.

Any idea how to busk with an animal? It's a very rare type of animal so I figured it would somehow be possible.

Maybe give people photo ops with him or something like that? Not really sure on what to do as you can't really train them to do tricks.

Any ideas?
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Well, the Wikipedia entry says that they don't like to be awake during the daytime, so this may be a problem. The can also carry roundworm and can infect the owner. I say this because if you're out in public your pet is more likely to get an infection than at home.

Just sayin...
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Check with the local regulations in your area - performing with animals, in some places, means you have to be regulated by the FDA. Also, I don't know much about kinkajous, so this may be totally irrelevant, but if someone gets bitten, or catches something that they (rightly or wrongly) attribute to your animal, that can be tough. That said, I've seen people doing photo ops with animals...but I wouldn't call it busking, because "busking" implies a skill beyond displaying your pet.
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