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Mama Lou
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Default Circus for 6 month contract

Received this email, just sharing for any interested parties.

6 month contract from March 2012 at the Circus in Norway

Looking for energy & speed "wow" factor acts.
Season starts in the end of march/beginning of april 2012 and ends in
september 2012.

You will have maximum 8 shows a week with 25 guaranteed working days per
Salary depends on your quality of your acts.
It would be a big plus if the artists had their own caravan and at least a
car that can pull a caravan since we cannot provide more cars then we
already have.

You will be traveling with caravan. You will take care of your own VISA but
client take care of the work permits.

You are self responsible to have a insurance that covers accidents outside
your home country. You are responsible of your food.
Also circus provides free electricity and water, also pays the travel costs
during the season.

Acts that are of big interest are:

- Springboard
- Russian barre
- Hand voltige
- Aerial cradle/ aerial perch
- Unicycle (duo)
- Icarien
- Cats/dogs
- Ice skaters who can perform an act

We would also be interested in some offers on chinese troupes.
The artists needs at least 2 acts and itīs a big plus if they have their
own caravan or at least a car to pull.

if you are interested-please send us your updated CV, video, full details
about your acts, advisable monthly fee.

Ludmila Dudka

International Talent Agency "Rising Stars" Inc

Skype: ludmiladudka
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