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Default Groupon clone websites – Beneficial for customers and businesses

Buying things as a group can be quite a really good money saver when it’s done properly through a group buying website or daily deal website that’s made of top-notch groupon clone software products. Some of the most sought after group buying websites include and LivingSocial.

Small and medium businesses that cater to the tech-savvy customers of the century announce attractive daily deals through daily deal websites. If a fixed number of people buy the deal within the stipulated time the deal goes through and every individual who participates in the deal gets a good discount to buy the product or service mentioned in the deal. This new trend works advantageously for large families, couples and single individuals equally.

Businesses get a lot of benefits by participation in daily deals. Getting a good and emerging trend in the earlier stages of businesses will pave way for a good move forward for a brand or product. By participation in daily deals businesses can give a good impression about themselves to the customers. This will strengthen the perception of a business in the customer’s mind, as they will be entitled as a forward thinking business entity. Businesses can thus make the customers aware that they accept good new trend and carry an innate dive to experiment positive trends which are beneficial for them as well as the customers.
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Groupon is a loser for any business that uses it. Why? You have to discount your product or service by 75%. That's because you have to give a 50% discount to Groupon and they give a 50% discount to the customer.

And what you get for that 75% discount is a bunch of customers you'll never see again; people who shop only the discounts and won't pay you retail price for anything. I know because I learned the hard was as a restaurant owner. I participated in those discount coupon books that charities sell. I gave 50% off and the charities sold the coupon books to people. I'd get a rush of people for the discounts; they'd be obnoxious, wouldn't tip, and were generally jerks all the way around. And they never came back until the next coupon book.

I'm not sure what performers or venues would even use something like Groupon, but I've definitely got to say it's a terrible marketing idea.
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