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Apple Bibliography

Jim, I keep seeing book titles crop up in various threads that look like very interesting reads. I'm wondering if there would be any support for compiling a bibliography of street-related books, perhaps solicit reviews or commentary too.

Maybe this belongs under Resources, but that seemed more equipment-focussed to me.

(Oh, publication info would be key. Folks who want to track down a book may be stymied by out-of-print or self-publisheds.)

Any takers?

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Peter Voice
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It could be a feature of or adjunct to the library
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Good idea,

I was hoping this would naturally come together in the resources forum. There have been lots of mentions of books, and I wish people would give more info on them as they refer to them in posts.

Why don't we all try to give as much info about a book as possible when we refer to a title in our writings.

The full title, author, publisher and date published would be great. IF you know where to get it, you may even post a link to an online bookstore.

This is just something we all need to contribute to.

IF anyone really wants to, you can mine through the posts and create a list of books... then people can post the known biblio info to the specific books. IF we get a master list together, I can make a page in the library.
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Hey All, the essential bit of information required for locating hard to find books (or any book for that matter) is the ISBN number. No information template should be without it!
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