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Piggy Busking In Europe With My Violin

Hallo everybody.
I'm going for a trip around Europe with my violin. I'v been playing for 11 years and it's been a long life dream to to a trip while busking. I will be going through Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Vienna although I'm very flexible so it's open for changes. I heard that alot of people have done it so I would really appreciate any advice on:
What cities are good for busking and what areas of the city are the best?
How is the best way to travel from city to city? Has anyone hitchhiked through Europe?
And any tips on busking will be very helpful seeing this will be my first time..
Thanks so much, Nadav
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I am actually thinking about doing the same in about a week. My plan is to travel across Europe and do my sidewalk-show but I'm still way too nervous.
The best way to travel around Europe is to purchase an InterRail-pass. They have a few types of passes and I'm thinking about a 22-day pass with 10 travel-days. (I don't want to sit on a train for more than 10 days) They also have passes with 10 days w/ 5 travel-days, 15 days unlimited travel, 22 days unlimited travel or 1 month unlimited travel. Check out this website for more info

I'm also in the need for busking-tips as in which cities to visit and where the pitches are.
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