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Default Oddly enough

The Raging Inferno will be performing my Mood tonight just 2 houses
away which is the County Fairgrounds 6-8-2013. I talked to the driver
met the crew, told them he can park in my huge ass driveway he needed
a place to park, then we can party. I got a backstage pass and permission
to juggle fire. Sure I can stand and juggle fire and walk around a bit. It not
without severe pain but worth it. Tonight and maybe tomorrow they
are gonna park the rig that pulls the Raging Inferno in my driveway and hang out.
Then I am gonna meet the big boss and I wish I could climb the ladder
and juggler would go good with the fire act all around. I also wish I could
do something else with the ass end of the Raging Inferno if you watch
the video I will give you three gueses.
Check it out:

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Guitar Raging Inferno Update

Please read above post for Raging Inferno update it is Satruday.
I assumed it was today that is when we have races every Thursday.
Talked to the crew and driver will juggle fire. I want to climb the ladder
but I would probably NOT a good idea and Dr said NO performing, period.
Screw that I can stand and juggle for 5 minutes to earn my free backstage pit crew pass and I will. Even if I have to sit on someone to do it.

OK besisdes the images of the MRI and CT scan where unless you have the program installed, not really worth looking at. I do look freaky in the brain scan though, the eyes , nose, its pretty freak, but it cycles through in slices
so all the photo will show is when I catch and stop the cycle over the broken up ribs which is already stated enough times. The sacroiliac is a bummer and the bulging discs which in panic I THOUGHT said herniated but maybe I was not seeing it right, still they are bulging only at the impact spot I do not know
how serious this is or what exactly is my biggest probable of it it is simply all three working together hip, spine-limbar, ribs-rib cage. Each area hurts significantly enough to make me not want to perform in fear of more damage and Dr said no. So whatever I will walk like a gimp with portrusions out of my body and suck it up. The thing about having a postivie attitude is like Ghandi says, if k=no one else is gonna laugh, I will. Someone has to. Hopefully I might heal in every area,I am not a Dr, if you are please post. NO I do not mean Dr Doolittle. THnx

So onto the Raging Inferno Show with my back stage pass, here are a couple pics I took after we made the deal. Deal, well to melt faces of course.
After which is two more pages out ot the 37 page Dr's reports, I think
thyat is quite enough and will send DVD to anony that asks, I will pay shipping and cost of the DVD I have a stack already so don't worry about it.
I mean who soesnt want an autographed copy of my DVD yes I will autograph it and throw in some juggling highlight moments including some from the full one hour show just a week befeor I was assaulted. Just PM me.
I'ts all good, not looking back anymore. Finalized. Looking forward to Raging Inferno and the Monster Machine Integration and Spontaneous Combustion of anything fool enough to get in our way. That's Show biz. Just remember if you cannot find the fire, the fire will find steal and old sci fi passage, my dad was creamted several times. FIrst when the universe was created, againt when the planets formed and again when the moon smashed into earth, then again at his funeral, once more after the sun went nova, and then again.... and again... and again... OK I did ad lib was a good book though.

Enjoy the Show Saturday and coming to a town near you.





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Guitar Night of Fire and Thrills

In my back yard, just two houses away is the racetrack on the lake, on the fairgrounds races every Thursday. This Saturday was
Monster Trucks Night of Fire and Thrills Spectacular Show!
It has been raining all week and more, it kind of stopped for the slowly building crowd. In 12 years I lived here, nothing came in town from the second largest producer of Monster Truck Shows in the World. I am only about 15% energy and not all in a row.... was a lot of fun!
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Cool I am amazed he said

My Dr is amazed my rib number 11 started to heal. Well no shit.
After the MRI showed me where it was broken I knew what movement
to keep track of, I have become a walking robot. I can even do complicated maneuvers and not moved the damaged parts of my body. I am quite with it.
So the thing is a umm well break has many possibilities I thought it was maybe limited to tow, a horizontal break, or a vertical and or an angle.
Well for some reason the MRI showed the bone broken like this, I will post it later, the Dr showed me it in btwn the <> represents the break ok?
so instead of a / / break or || its ya, <> meaning that space in the middle is just that, space. I was wondering why it moved around so much and grinded and all kinds of good stuff I cannot even begin to describe the variety. I just have so many stabbing knives cuz I don't take any pain meds I needed to know where to apply ice and not sleep on that part back of a chair anything.
it is trickier than other breaks, and as anyone knows a sneeze can crack that sucker back open at early stages. I think there is a reason God made broken ribs the second most painful thing a man can go through, next to passing kidney stones, I just have not figured out what it is yet.... sigh-crack oh it happens....
EDIT oh and now he changed his mind , or other dr looked at MRI disk LS1-5 I think it is, I hate reading the letters they just keep coming.
Herniated, injections? What kind of injection ? Where? Dr is out this week, fuck you. umm ok so then all my blood tests are good but the nurse has no idea what kind of injection he is talking about maybe a steroid so the disk will go back to its proper shape? that is one hell of a edit, I got ideas.

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Club To Kirk

First I want to thank Birdie for saving my life. I heard Birdie say " Stop Kirk that's enough what the hell is wrong with you?"
Also if Birdie was not outside Kirk would have dragged me back out of my van and surely continued to beat on me as I could
not stand up without help. Thank you Birdie a true friend who stood up for me in a dangerous situation, I mean I just interrupted
a conversation and Birdie saw what happened yet was brave enough to interrupt someone killing me. What it boils down to, Thanks.


I really did want to help you and be your friend. I have never went so far out of my way and life for anyone in a long long time. It has been 5 months.
My last rib grabbed hold, rib 11, I have 12 on each side. My spine was impacted so hard the rib and things on the OTHER side of my body
were also affected. Dr says once it sets, still takes a good year to fully heal.

Me sitting in the van after Birdie helped me walk to it, and helped me inside
to sit down, and you still came at me and punched me through the window, you have gave me death threats since then.
I am not forgiving you because all your actions pretty much prove you thought about htting me and of course you waited until I was sitting down and swiveled my chair to leave and hit me in the back of the head , twice like you said. Funny Birdie says once, I know it was twice the second hit casued my concussion so I will never know how many times you kicked me or if you stomped on me.
Birdie said it was the most horrible thing he has ever seen in his life. he said it within about 10 minutes after you attacked me as I was sitting in the van.
I guess only you and him know what happened as even as you stated to me on the phone " You were in the fetal position on the ground when I kicked you."
This is not going to excuse you by any means. I had 5 long months to think about it. I have never ever in my life had a problem with my bones, at all. Even after 30 years of doing two finger handstands and everything else I do my fingers do not ever even hurt one bit. I maybe have sprained a muscle here and there but it never got me off of my feet.

What a coward you are. Not only to hit me from behind, but to then kick me when I am down, what was your fear that I might get up and hit you back? I was not going to, I know how to turn the other cheek, you ran out of cheeks at the van though.

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Bunny Like this Page

Pretty good page. I dunno I like it
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Butterfly Spider Lily

I got this plant in 2011 while in Palm Beach last time I was in Florida for the season. I have probably spent 15 seasons in Florida and New Orleans
I usually always bring back a lizard, air plant, snake something.
No not on purpose, it's like Milfoil it just kind of attaches to
my vehicle and I don't find out until I get home
More about this plant on my FaceBook and it's journey, started
as a small pod child...
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Club The Butterfly Effect

Some people really do not understand. When you take someones lifestyle away for 6 months for no reason, there are other effects to the people around me.
If I am not making money because I have almost $10,000.00 in medical bills, I can't send myson the 200 a month I was going to while I was working.
I worked all 50 years of mu life and understand what work is. My father left me with two sisters and my mom when I was 5 and said you have to be the man now.
I had backyard carinvals, did Snoopy skits
and would cast all the parts to the neighbor kids, I made what you sere in the Little Rascals real in my backyard. I sold balloons popcorn and kool aid.
Before the shows. Yea the TV was my youtube and anything I saw I was inspired to try also, then I saw Michael is history.
SInce then I have never stopped entertaining or working, whether it was a lawn biz at 12 years old, or buying and selling cars, go karts and mini bikes at 16 I bought my first house at 18.
THing is, the butterfly effect. If I cant walk more than a hour for a period
of time there goes my 12 hour a day work ,exercise and practice.

The price you pay for taking 6 month so far, out of my life.
It is going to include the Butterfly Effect. Not just my lost wages.
Not just my pain and suffering, not just the psychological damage
and change to my attitude, it is going to include every detail of
every branch of my life and people around me that were affected.
For the last three days I could barely get out of bed, hardly move,
I did get out of bed, todfay I fnally was able to adjust it a little.
5 discs affected, 2 ribs broken , one fractured. That is just physical part.

Enjoy it while you can Kirk, a life of stealing, robbing and attacking
people from behind, then kicking them when they are down.
Will surely come back to you.

It has been 6 months to this day that a spineless thief with no honor
or respect at all for human life, who treats people like machines or objects with no disregard performed his most cowardly act ever, and still think I will not catch
up with him. Unless you got a ticket to Mars or the Moon
Kirk you of all people know the law. I will leave you with this quote, which paints a total picture of this asshole Kirk Kiefreider.
After he told me to get off his porch and I turned to leave, he slammed me in the back of the head two time giving me a cioncussion.
Kirk and I wer talking ansd BIrdie came out and sat down, Kirk and Birdie started talking I interjected or interrupted all was quiet
peacefull, I said " Does that camera hook to the computer wit ha USB cord?
Kirk had just been doing meth for two weeks while I wa in MN before I drove down, I found this out later.
so he just FREAKS OUT. After he kncos me into a concussion and I am on the ground OUT, still not looking of course,
he starts kicking me in the ribs, then I hear BIrdie says " that's enough Kirk, are you out of your mind?'
Kirk says " I am not going to raise my voice so this is what he gets."

no Kirk was not even upset, all a matter of fact to him
"In jail you disprespect someone by interrupting I guess I was having a flashback, still now you know
how serious it is this is what you get."
End quotes
So you see this asshat knows nothing but prison life, I have a feeling once he finds
out how things work outside of prison he is going to wish he never left it.

Yes Kirk you know the law, I told you when you asked if I was bi sexual and wanted to give me a BJ in CA
I said NO I am STRAIGHT and you will never lay a hand on me ever. Now you crossed that line in who knows,
some homosexual tantrum>? Some meth high bummer? I do nto care really, you are sub human.
YOu simply know the law, you do not touch people , period. At you age you know better.
So suck it up, I am straight, too straight for you I guess. Still makes me sick thinking of you
and that guy in CA.
What do most guys do when they get out of prison and have money. hire a hooker?
How about at least a female one. What a joke.

EDIT typoes can stay im not felling like backspacing anymore
also sorry P net and forums users and Jim.
every 30 days I am still down from injury I feel the need to update my vents
Also I am not idssing homosexuals, just Kirk insisted he was not gay, cuz I was a little
worried I think I am slightly homophobic but it doesn't bother me.
I just found it WEIRD that someone bi sexual after 2 years in prison with MEN
would want to bring home a guy hooker when women are just as easy to find....
One lie just leads to the next with this guy.

Also most people Know why I went to Florida.
Zero percent was to see Kirk, in fact it kind of bothered me that
he might be living there he is obnoxious and gets kicked out of places
like groceries stores for showing everyone card tricks.
Fact is I was going to see Kirk and his mom and Birdie for a day
or two then he had some idea I would sign a year lease and stay
with him and Birdie, I said No for one thing I have a two story house
4 times bigger than his moms house, property 8 times bigger and I
said I was going to live in the beach, some people think I cam to Florida
because Kirk was there, no I came to Florida cuz I have been for 30 years.
I came to see my real friends and work, and it was niceto see Kirks mom.
We like each other, she is probably the only reason I didn't call the cops
right away and I had no idea I had mor ethan maybe the wind knocked out of me
and bruise dribs, I was still in concussion and shock.
She says to me. "Please forgive him I am going to talk to him about
getting on some anger medication, do not tell him I told you that though."
I wonder how that has worked out. Like I said I did not come cuz Kirk was there, I keep my word,
and said to Kirks mom I would get Kirk from CA to FL.
Birdie sounded pretty happy there with Kirk they were living at his moms.
In fact he made me LATE getting to FL cuz I was going to fly out to CA to
drive with him from CA to FL cuz his mom had cancer so he was moving there.
Well my van broke down, fuel pump died on way to airport. I just have a feeling
If I would have just went straight to FL instead of waiting for his timeline
my fuel pump probably would have went out later in FL, miles have it,
ignoring signs can be costly later. I never did drive from CA to FL my timeline
had me to be back in MN to do shows.

I said it once I will say it again, I go out of my way to help people that ask.
He wrote me letters for months from prison and I guess I was just too busy
with my life to sit down, and really do hard thinking about my decision to try and help
him go straight, perform again, start on the street and well that failing is an over statement.
Looking back I can't see a drop of truth in anything this guy ever says or said.
He asked, seemed sincere in society giving him a second chance, ( or third? 25th?) him mom
and stepdad agreed. So he got one, and blew it.
It seemed like a visit for a day or two and then right to work on the beach couldn't hurt.
I thought I might even see Kirks stepsister again ,but she was on the road and moved.

I even recall him telling Birdie after he assaulted me and I moved to the Beach.
" See I told you he was going to the beach."
Yea no shit, who didn't know?

My Dr told me a story before he gave me my CT, he said one of the people he had to evaluate
was a surgeon. Who had a concussion, he said the guy used to be really smart, now he is just kind of smart.
He did not know the guy, he told me no worries though after CT with background fluids injected in my arm
he said my brain was fine and lungs at 100% oxygen intake, see I don't smoke, or drink. Never was a smoker.
Just drank maybe 1-3 times a year if that. I do not drink pop, eat red meat or pork. Health wise I am a good 30 still.
70 is the new 30 When I did a show for my family reunion my older sis says you sure don't look or move like you are 50
thnx sis. Maybe someday I can move like I am 50 again...

SO I guess the moral of the story my Dr just dawned on me, Kirk I have not seen for 30 years
except for a year ago in CA, then months later for 1 day in FL that that turned into this.
Kirk was pretty smart when I knew him long ago, funny, charismatic, probably an OK guy.
Maybe not, I never knew him for more that a month or two.
Kirk now , just thinks he is smart. He is the kind of person you recall from school
or your past that was sharp witty and smart. Then you now know them as
had OD , too much drugs, or drinking and a mere shadow of their old self remains.
Somehow they cannot see it, and think they are still as smart as they were
before the drugs, the prison time, the beating in the head, the poundings,
people making your eye come out of you head must have really hurt and
caused brain damage. You write things down on paper that was on TV
an hour ago and say " Look I just thought of an invention."
I mean that would suck right?
just sayin, I was lucky Dr said, some people are not so lucky.

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Notice the Check BOx Patient will not be able to be employed in
the foreseeable future, not just juggling and my show, ANYHTING.
That was 6 months AFTER the assault and of couse now in month 7
that has not changed, I will not regenerate, I am human. Not a rag doll.
Kirk is6 foot 4, 370 or so fat leg pounds, and you wind up and kick me
in the ribs as hard as you can? That is attempted murder even if your
psycho mind thinks it is just like in the movies and the guy will get up.
I am only 135 lbs 5 '6
Twice in the back of the head, blows to the head can cause perma dmg.
Then kicking someone who is down and out and you call a friend?
Eye for an eye right. Rule is as old as time itself.
Crawl out from under your rock Kirk.

In case you missed it on Page 2. I saw my Dr and I am still a slinky.
That means I can't stand up straight never will, handstands I have
done since FIVE FUCKING YEARS OLD...forget about it. Unicycle? Ya right.
Dr says I cannot work period. FOr me work is getting up, doing shit until I
am tired or my fractures rbis which wer broke in half side by side and pushed
into my spine fucking u0p 5 vertebre and my hip. THAT is because the coward
kicked me while I was on the ground INTO my side. Also this asshat tells people we had a FIGHT.
Kirks version of a FIGHT. Tells you "OK you are out of here." for asking
if a USB cord goes with that camera. I looked at him he stood up and he was mad,
but did not seem to be about to attack me, but that IS KIRK MO. he is a THEIF,
a Criminal and would in no way make it appear he was going to start swining on me
as I swiveld in my chair still sitting down to leave, otherwise I would have stood up facing him. That would have a fight.
NO that is not how Kirk fights, face to face. He waits til I have my back completely to him and am still sitting down.
I even have my hand on the armrest to start to stand up as all he said was leave, not " I am gonna hit you from behind."
and I head for the door as fast as I can, after he hit me the first time I was crawling in
a fog I had a oncussion, he hit me twice in the back of the head, after the second blow I collapsed and he bright his foot into my side and about 2 secs later I awoke or was aware again, and I asked " WHy is he killing me" " Birdie said that's enough Kirk whats wrong with you?"
We still do not know what is wrong with him. Here is he copy of the letter like I said, for people
that come for new posts, and might have missed this thread. I will be in Florida in Spetember and it is not to do shows. If the psycho is not there, I will find him.

35 years of perfecting my art ended by meth addicts temper tantrum
over being interrupted, one time. Kirk , you know what is coming.
Also the State of Minnesota will be suing the occupants of the dwelling
where the assault occurred for all Medical Charges, on their own.
Just a few more loose ends to tie up, then Justice will be served.

The actual MRI and CT Images are available anyone who wants
a burned copy, just private message me. That about wraps it up

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Miss Rush, could you tell someone who really gives a shit
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Default Can anyone REALLY be THIS stupid?

View Post Unread Today, 08:46 AM
Remove user from ignore listPeter
This message is hidden because Peter is on your ignore list.


That is ALL I see, and anyone else doesn't matter what they say or think will not change facts.
Kirk admits he had zero reason to do what he did and takes 100% responsibility. Next comes Justice. What Peter posts is not seen by too many people , I know some other place he pollutes he gets ignored fast too. Some people are so miserable with their own life they try and mind other people business.
If I cared one flying fuck about what you had to say I would un - ignore you. Other than that, post away, you will not ever bee seen by me and others and thnx for bringing more people to the thread with your New Post.

Let me just add how SAD it is to see someone go from has a chance , to starting to act brain dead, to stupid ,to complete moron. That is what I saw Kirk go through his first two weeks out of prison, then later in Florida months later when it was crystal clear he would be a thief, liar and loser for life. I guess half a life of prison just keep you going back for more...must be something big and black he likes in there beside the iron bars. Just say NO to meth kids, I looked it up and if you smoke it eventually your pleasure receptors stop FOREVER. Even if you smoke it, no pleasure will be released into the brain. How many people that smoke meth know this? Probably not many, or many until it is too late and they try and find out why they no longer can laugh, have random fits of rage and cannot get it up. Observation is a gift we all have, use it and research before you throw your life away on drugs.

How Meth Destroys the Body

What makes methamphetamine such an attractive high? Meth users report that after taking the drug they experience a sudden "rush" of pleasure or a prolonged sense of euphoria, as well as increased energy, focus, confidence, sexual prowess and feelings of desirability. However, after that first try, users require more and more of the drug to get that feeling again, and maintain it. With repeated use, methamphetamine exacts a toll on the mind and body, robbing users of their physical health and cognitive abilities, their libido and good looks, and their ability to experience pleasure. Here's how the body reacts to meth and the consequences of long-term abuse.


Goes on to tell you how it destroys the brain. As in, your brain has been destroyed, have a nice day!

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Default thx

Thanks for the tip!
Attached Thumbnails
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Originally Posted by Chance View Post
Thanks for the tip!
You are welcome. Have a nice day.
I guess I am what, the 8th person to ignore Chance and Peter?
So now there is No Chance that Peter can get it up lol

I have another tip for you. This is a hell of a fucking deal.
I almost bought two!

PS Kids take a look at Peter, Chance and Kirks faces, and compare that with the before and after Meth Face link in
my previous post. Meth not only makes you stupid, you look stupid as well.

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Miss Rush, by insulting Chance & myself and then putting us on your ignore list you show the world just why Mr Kiefreider kicked you sissy little ass. You bugged the hell out of him like the immature little girl that you are until he could not take the harassment any more. You got what you deserved take your self induced punishment and shut the fuck up
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Default How did I know

I just knew Peter or Chance would post again.
The only two losers on Perf net that posted
in the Forum Curtain Calls asking Jim to shut Performers net down
just cuz they said so. What idiots. Stinking up threads like mine and other
people threads, posting away yet asking for the site to shut down.
Beats all that they chose a Forum that is in my opinion
showing respect for passed on performers. How selfish of them.
That is how cry babies are though, its all about me me me .
"WAAA shut down P net waa waa waaa." what a joke these
two are. They just keep posting lol ugly is what ugly does.

Yet they keep posting in my thread and I have no idea
what they post at all. It simply comes up as.
Peter is on your Ignore list. Forever that is all I will see.
It like stomping your feet and waving your arms and screaming in
a tantrum to deaf and blind person. You cannot be seen or heard by me
that must really make you angry.
So just keep posting and pretending I can read it

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A place to remember fellow entertainers, friends, community members and heroes who have passed on.

Also apparently a place for Peter and Gav to post asking
to have this Whole Website, shut down. I am not making it up,
see for yourself, also notice other threads Peter is ignored in.
Why would anyone want to shut down such a lovely place
to interact. Selfish reasons apparently.

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Mime Ugly Trolls

I need the Industrial Strength these trolls are hopped up on
salt flowing from their eyes into their mouth, such babies.

For the Record I do not know Peter, or Gav, or Chance at all.
Never have and never will converse with them,
my Topic they have zero clue about. They were
not even in Florida at the time. These are just two angry
old Trolls from a sub Species of Toad Troll as of yet
unidentified as they can neither be seen or heard.

In short, they have zero to do with my thread
yet they think they do. Three people were there.
These two waamphibians know absolutely nothing.

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Default 7 months

It has been 7 months since I have done any shows, circle shows, 8 hour strolling gigs with shows, or even a 10 minute bit. Every day I wake up the bone
grinding on bone is still there.
Dr says I will never be the same, that's not what bothers me.
I miss the people that made me smile, I miss me.
Miss the people I made smile, who made me smile and miss me.
7 months can really change a person.

My life changed for no reason anyone, even the ass hat that
struck me from behind as hard as he could, twice making sure he
knocked me to the ground from behind, kicked me in the ribs
while I was not even able to stand, see or think, making sure
I would not or could not get up again.
I still have the things that make me human, part of history, part of the future,
part of justice, revenge, vengeance. I still have these qualities.
I think they are some of the finest qualities a man can have.
Surely I would not want to lose respect for myself, or have others do so.
This is my calling, and when I come, I will smile, and laugh and have liberty.
I am very patient and also every day grow more tired of the waiting.
Walking back onto the scene will change me back, along with giving
the world what they know they have coming. Me. They deserve me,
as I deserve them, Minus one asshat named Kirk Kiefreider who
deservers nothing, as anyone who steals from other people
, robs people of what the enjoy doing, all in selfish acts for
himself and meth. Looking down on this piece of dogshit,
and throwing it in the trash where it belongs.

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Interesting, Gav, Chance, & myself comment on the stupidity of this topic and we are trolls. All any of us has said is "GROW SOME BALLS MISSY!" I am on dialysis every day, in order to continue to live. Had a cardiac 4 way bypass in 2004 and in May had a bitch kitty of a heart attack. Docs told ME to quit busking in 2004 and really bitched at my last heart attack. I still get out at least 3 and sometimes 7 days a week and work my shows. Why, because I am a busker, I don't have retirement or social security to fall back on I work or I don't eat well. Same for you Gregory you CAN work but you want to game the system. You pushed Mr Kiefreider until he just blew up and snapped. You have insulted Gav, Chance & myself the same way. Grow up, get to work, stop crying like a child. If we can do it you have no excuse
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Default Talking to himself again

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That is all I see. Talking to himself, lets hope he doesn't
start replying to himself also...

Kirk admitted making a mistake and smoking meth at his moms
and why he flipped out, he said he was 100% sure I didn't do
anything and offered to pay my lost wages. No matter what
Peter posts, nothing will change that. Kirk paid me some odd amounts
total 1,200.00 out of the 10,000 he agreed which does not even
cover a third of my medical bills. Then he said he had 2,000 to
give me and some papers and a lawyer, then disappeared.
That is the only update from this freak who attacked me
on a peaceful quiet night where his mom had said I was welcome
and she thought of me as her second son. I was always good friends
with her it was good to see her. She apologized, Kirk apologized.
I have nothing to say other that he was not even mad, he even
said he was not mad, that he was simply trying to kick me in the
ass to make a point, well he made a point, he is a big dumb ass
and thinks using physical violence while in total control of his anger
is OK. You would have to know Kirk or his friends who no longer talk
to him to know this. "You interrupted me talking so just showing
you this is what you would get in prison."
I will collect my other 8,800.00 from him.

I have family that help me, most of them just want to....well never mind that.
All I told Kirk is I would give my injury one full year and the Dr still
insists I cannot work, my hip is fucked up, my ribs were kicked sideways
into my spine affecting 5 vertebrae. The lack of disc material is only
making the grinding areas worse and rib catrlige my Dr says does not
grow back. It has been 7 months I am fairly sure no miracle or
offer from Kirk to pay for surgery.
So Peter why don't you stop peeing your pants everytime I post.
Assault was un provoked, you were not there, and wait til the year
is over and no one can find Kirk then start peeing again ok?
YOu make such a mess I am sure you posts are pages long somehow
glorifying yourself. I seen in in other threads, you thinking you are something.
I seen you post in RIP PNET asking to shut the board down, that day
I chose to ignore you. Go soak your head in your sorrow I will never stop
ignoring you as I said, you were not there, I have Kirks words already.
You are a nobody in my world, offended or not, that is just the way it is.
Anyone that knows me know I have changed, kinda like the Alice Cooper song no more Mr Nice Guy.
I laid my life on the line for asswipe Kirk more than once, that is what friends do.
Kirk admitted his mistake, I forgave him for that, he also made an agreement
and called me out of the blue feeling guilty he said he ran it through his head over and over and he could find nothing to justify hitting me in the back of
the head, and kicking me his words " You were on the ground in the fetus
position, Birdie says I saw the look on his face he TRIED to hurt you.
So Peter just pleasantly Fuck Off because I am 1000% sure had it been you
there be no way you would let someone blah blah blah or listen when
they were not there and the Convict already confessed, so you existence
in my thread can only be lies heard from Kirk, self glorifying yourself, as
if you are some expert in ...any area. No you are a magician, and what
magicians do is spend their life trying to make people believe in something
they do not believe in themselves. Not interested. Kirk lies, he deceives, he
has mental and meth problems, I can only think you have some of the same
issues as when I did read your post early on it was all about you and
your broken ribs and collar bone yet you stil did shows, like probably
just got up and did shows. No Dr, no time off, nothing. Which is a crock of shit.
No one can do most of my show even when fully healthy, I was 100% fit,
no spine problems, do not smoke or drink, happy all the time.
YOu wanna see someone change, just smash them in the back of the head
as hard as you can two times, then when they are on the ground kick them
as hard as you can breaking 3 ribs, fucking up their hip, and spine.
Then see when they are in your face next time like.
"Hey remember me? You might not cuz you attacked me from behind this
is me now, the person who went out of his way to be your friend, help
you with your problems, listened to your problems and now, you are
a problem." So if you want to put yourself in my shoes fine, you cannot.
You do seem very capable of putting yourself in Kirks shoes, he lies too.
Then you have to ask yourself, the question Kirk and I both know needs an answer. What is the payback? I interrupted was part of three people talking
oh excuse me I spoke out of turn. Oh you broke my bones , also you ( Kirk )
claim was an accident were only trying to kick me in the ass, while I was on the ground not moving? I am 100% sure he aimed for my side said he was just
trying to give me akidney punch with his foot."
Trying, doing, with no care for what might happen, all a matter of fact.
So if anything ask what Kirk has coming and talk to yourself about that.
Who know maybe you are saying ya, he needs payback or ya he needs
this or to pay you that after confessing over and over in DETAIL how
I Gregory Rush quietly asked, if that camera hooks to the computer with
a USB cord. FINE want to ask me to leave for that, I turned to leave,
no big deal, you lay hands on me , big deal, you kick me and break bones lamost killing me? BIgger deal, so again Peter I have no idea what side of the fence you are on or why, Kirk and I are on the same side of the fence and I will catch
up to him I am a very patient man. Then you will have something to post about.
Until then, keep pissing in the win I will never read it. Also you have my , call if it is so important to you. Get Kirk on the phone in a three way, lets see if his conversation matches the one me and him had last time he called me offering
to settle, cuz as of now, this is far far from settled, just kick back and wait.
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