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Greetings everyone,

I have finally realized that I am a professional entertainer and not a professional web designer...I am now giving up on building my website on my own. Any ideas of what I should look for in a web designer, and web maintainer? are they two seperate people or does one usually go with the other? Is there a general price range I should be looking for? I know like anything, price will range dramatically, but thru your own experiences of what we require I didnt know if anyone had any input. Thanks.

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Generaly Frisby, you would be looking for one person to do both the design and the maintenance. I personaly design, build and maintain a couple of dozen pages. You want a person who will take the amount of initiative that you are looking for. Meaning that they need to understand what you want and eather take direction from you or be able to go out and build the site that you want with as much or as little input as you are willing to give him/her.
The going rate for a GOOD web designer is around $35-$60/hour. I myself generaly drop the hourly rate for maintenance. You may also want to look for a designer that hosts his/her own pages. that can often lead to a page that functions better. A designer can design a more efficiant page based on a specific web server. Many designers use a specific server with specific extentions in order to utilize there specialties better.
There is also an area component to look at. Certain parts of the country have access to higher quality bandwidth. Mainly California, Florida, NewYork/NewJersey area and Chicago. I am in Florida and have had realy good luck with my Bandwidth.
This is what I do Primarily for a living. If you have any questions you can mail me at: . I could recommend a number of good designers Myself included.

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