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Clown Help, I need help with a press kit!!!

Hi guys,

I'm the "manager" for Pokie-Poke the Jongleur & Company. As such it has fallen on my head to create some sort of press kit for our little company. I tried creating folder with a business card and a flyer describing what we do and some pictures. Needless to say, this doesn't appear to be working very well.

I've got access to MS Publisher, a scanner and a CD burner. Our budget is somewhat limited as this was not the greatest year for us, we lost the last two months in Central Park, for obvious reasons.

Fire away boys, I want to try and make 2002 a better year than this one. Thanks for helping out those of us who need it!
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Get books from the library. Look at publicity printing from anything you can find (ie. video boxes, cd covers) and realize what goals they are trying to achieve with these things. The main steps that are layed out in millions of design and marketing books are basically as follows;
-figure out who you're selling to
-figure out how you want them to react
-learn the standard for such practices
=descide on the best way to solve the problem
=work out a strategy
=test it before implementing
-make necessary changes

If you don't want to go to someone to do this stuff for you, there is a lot of work before you get started putting it together. Depending on how much work you get otherwise, it may be cheaper to have someone else do it.



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