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Post Super Star Performer Cards

The Super Star Performer Card Year 2002 Edition is ready to order…

Originally started in 1999, these variety entertainer trading cards offer a unique addition to the full promotional package of any performing artist. Performers who have ordered previous years include – The Checkerboard Guy, The Jim Show, Bill Ferguson, Flyin’ Bob, The Cow Guys, John Higby (The Yo-Yo Man), Sheree Vickers, The Butterfly Man, Rex Boyd, Robin Chestnut, Hawaii Two-O, Rhys Thomas to name but a few.

This year’s design was a collaborative effort by David Aiken (The Checkerboard Guy), Brian Wilson (The Cow Guys), Jim (The Jim Show) and Mike Wood (Hawaii Two-O). The Full color front design and gray scale back of the cards work well to provide both images of the performer in action as well as providing fans with lots of critical statistical information on their favorite performer. Printing is handled by the Vancouver based company Keeper Kard. This company offers excellent quality and incredibly reasonable prices. Cards have a full color front which is laminated to increase glossiness and improve durability. The gray scale back is non-laminated so you can autograph your cards for your adoring fans.

I do not receive payment from the production of these cards, rather I thought it was a cool idea and wanted to share it with my fellow performers… I have found that Trading Cards offer a fun way to get your name out there with a higher “Cool Factor” than a standard business card. Trading cards don’t necessarily replace business cards, rather they fill a gap that I felt was missing.

Will these cards ever become collectable? They already are… In the last few weeks, a collector of non-sports Trading Cards who found the Super Star Performer Card web site and contacted me. This collector bought as many individual cards from the past three years as I had to spare. It’s not like I’m going to retire from what he paid me for the cards I sent him, but it was pretty cool that someone from outside of the performance community figured that these cards were worth collecting.

So…what’s this going to cost? Well it depend on how many cards you order… the more cards, the cheaper each card becomes… Full pricing information is available on both the web site and the order forms, so for more information about pricing, visit the home where you’ll find full info about pricing as well as examples of this year’s card design.

Interested? Then go to, download the order form, a PDF file, print it out and follow the instructions. I (David Aiken) have tried to keep the process as simple as possible, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: to clarify anything your wondering about, or contact Keeper Kard directly at:

So…there you go…

Hope you’ll join the increasing numbers of performers who are participating in this unique promotional opportunity… Happy Trading!


David Aiken
The Checkerboard Guy

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These look cool!

When do we have to have the order in by? I'm waiting for one last W-2 to get my tax refund and then I'd like to order them (probably mid-February).

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