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Piggy indy jugglers--new indianapolis jugging/circus club

we've got a new club getting started here in indy. we meet sundays at 4 pm at edgewood park. for more information (including where edgewood park is), or just to look at pretty pictures, see our website at

unicyclists, slackrope walkers, contortionists and other circus/variety artists will be in good company too, as we've got a lot of different interests among us. and beginners are always welcome.

we also have a club e-mail address at if you've got questions. please just use this for club-related stuff. if you're just trying to say hi to me, use my other address,, even though i am the one reading the stuff in the hotmail account too.

and lastly, if you post a reply here, i may or may not remember to check back until months from now, so it's probably better to e-mail.
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