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Hat boom mic

Hey yo,
I was thinking it would be cool to have a stationary mic that pics up the sound from my big circle show. I do juggling on the street. Someone said that I would get major feed back if I had a mic on a boom running to my amp. What'yall think?
Peace out--scot
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Alot depends on which direction the mic is facing, how close it is to your speakers and also how high the sound is turned up. Wind blowing against the mic head, and whether or not you wil be wearing a personal mic will also be important factors to consider. If you are dead-set in favor of trying this, then the only real way to work out all of the logistics is to actually make the attempt: and it may come together quickly or it may take 50 tries (or not at all). I don't see any way of working out the specs on paper, but would love to hear what other advise is out there as much as you. Good luck...
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They make a microphone that I've heard called an "opera Mike". This little guy sits at the foot of the stage and picks up anything you say.
You have to be warned, it picks up ALL noise. So put your clubs back on the stage slowly or the sound will be broadcast.
I've used one only once, but it was NICE. Just like a lapel but without the messy wires and battery pack.

I don't know if you could adapt this for a circle show, I don't even know the proper name of the microphone. Let me know if this helps.

Thom Britain, Modern Gypsies Entertainment
Thom Britain
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