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olivia livewire
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Post campervan wanted.. rent/buy

i'm an aussie coming to tour england and wales from april to september and i need a mobile home...... if you have one that you aren't using or want to sell, contact me... i'm interested in caravans too, just sussing my options for now....
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mini mansell
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dont worry too much.

land at heathrow or gatwick and make your way into central london.

find the australian embassy, and by the side is a road called
market street

at any time there will be a dozen mobile homes for sale on there. its where all the year out in Europe Ozzies live in their vans until they sell them to fund the flights home
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Minnie Maniac
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Hi Olivia,

To get a really good idea of what is available and how much it costs, look at and look in the campervan and caravan sections, which is in other vehicles. This is the best site to get an idea because they have a lot of photos of the vans online. There are plenty more for sale closer to summer than there are now. And yes, there are vans up market road too, but it pays to know how much a van is actually worth before showing up (we got a bargain there).

Other websites to buy vans are, & There are also vans at, which is classifieds from kiwis, aussies and south africans, but the tnt phone numbers cost a lot to call, especially from pay phones. Be very careful what you buy here, there are some seriously dodgy people who will lie through their teeth. Just my experience.

You need a postal address in the UK to register a van in your name but you don't need to prove you live there. Insurance for foreigners is expensive and can only be got through a few places. The only one I know is called downunder insurance in London which covers aussies, kiwis and s. africans. You can only get third party but you MUST have it in all of Europe. You may be able to get around buying the expensive insurance if you have ancestry rights or if someone else owns and insures van for you but clears your name to drive it. Basically, you need to have a UK drivers licence to get full cover on your own (I think).

If you have a mobile phone, bring it over, and when you get here, buy a pay-as-you-go sim card for about 10pounds, then you have a UK number which will make getting a van much easier as you will encounter a lot of answering machines and you have to be very quick to get a good van.

Hope this all helps!
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