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Michael Rosman
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Post MotionFest warning

Only four weeks left until MotionFest!

MotionFest is the conference for variety performers where the emphasis is on "performance".

If you haven't been to the web site recently, check it out now. Our web guy rocks (and no this is not me kissing up to Jim, I did that privately)

There you can see what is going to be offered and who is coming. Nothing will benefit your career better than these four days...and it is a blast as well.

Street performing available at Harborplace by request.

see you there,

check airfares...they are amazingly low
spaces still available in all workshops

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Steven Ragatz
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I'll also add an unsolicited pitch for the MotionFest event.

I went last year and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in street theater. I would speculate that it is, by far, the best value for the money for Variety Theater training opportunities. The event was well organized and well attended by competent teachers and staff. What the facility lacked in aesthetics (it's a truck stop) it more that made up for in function. Be warned if you are going to be doing big tricks on the stage – it's pretty small.

If I were to make any point against it, it would simply be about the name. I thought that last years event would have been more appropriately named "ClownFest" or "ComediaFest" or "StreetFest," as there were no dance or movement workshops offered other than a quick visit from Debby Brown and an impromptu workshop by Karl Bauman. Both were great, but the lion's share of workshops was geared to Comedia, clowning and mime, with the evening critique sessions hacking at various street acts.

Even so, I gave it an 8 out of 10 for content and a 10 out of 10 for organization, so if you can get there this year, do so. Even if the workshops don’t grab you, the opportunities to network will more than justify attending the event. It is a "no-brainer" investment into your career that will undoubtedly pay for itself many times over.

Steven Ragatz
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Butterfly Man
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I wrote this immediately following last years amazing event ... it certainly bears repeating.

"A few years back Tom Renegade and Laura Green (The Juggling Queen) had a novel idea about creating a festival for the betterment of the performing community. They mentioned that while there were several places around the world where you could go to develop your skills, there was really nothing out there that addressed all the aspects that an entertainer would face before and after they took their first step into the performing arena.

Some of the greatest minds in the variety arts field put their collective heads together and within a year, “Motionfest” was born. It was then that a young man named Mike Rosman decided to pick up the ball and run with it. With what must have been a Herculean effort, he somehow organized a 4 day festival last month (Nov. 9-12) offering Intensive Workshops by some of the most well respected instructors in the business.
Theatre, voice technique, comedy writing, mask, make-up and movement training sessions were offered alongside marketing, accounting & legalistic (e.g., copyright, insurance) seminars. In addition, in-house presentations were made by artists which served to motivate & inspire. All in all, it was an unbelievable across the board complement of issues that face the variety performance artist nowadays.

In the evenings, after all the workshops and seminars were completed, a rather unique forum was offered. Here a performer, if they chose to, could exhibit a “work-in-progress” piece for a critique by the congregation at large. Students and teachers alike offered their input on the presentations. Remarkably, this turned out to be, in my opinion, the singular most powerful and constructive experience offered at the festival.

In closing, I must say that I have never been involved with any entity that offered, gave and ultimately proved to be such a productive venture for the performing community. I applaud Michael and all the instructors and participants that had the opportunity to experience this altogether remarkable event."

See ya there ...
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Daniel Forlano
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I once wondered if variety performers, particularly street performers, would ever get together to constructively share and develop our work. I had done it with dancers, performance artists, and dramatists but never with a group as large, diverse and unique as at last years MotionFest. The people were great, the instructors were great, the shows were great and the atmosphere of mutual growth was stunning. I congratulate Mike's success in bringing us together last year and I am happy he is doing it again. I urge friends and colleagues to come to this years' MotionFest for the mutual benefit and advancement of our art and artists (8 – 11 November; Best Western Hotel and Convention Center
Baltimore, MD).

Okay Mike, NOW can I stay at your place this weekend?

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Rich Potter
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Although I was asleep during the testimonial writing portion of MotionFest last year, I do feel qualified to put in my $.02 worth.

Mike Rosman was able to bring in some of the best talents in the business to teach movement, comedy writing, putting together an act, how to market yourself, tax and insurance issues, etc.

One thing that I found really impressive is that everyone there already had a) a skill set and b) an act to work on, whether it be for the street, cruise ships, corporate gigs, walkaround, school shows, etc.

The positive energy and feedback was great. Watching other people process and create the same premise in a totally different way was great. The putting together a massive collective brain with other performers was just ... uh... great.

(Vocabulary workshop would be... er, uh... great)

MotionFest is a place to reprogram, refocus and/or rejuvenate the creative spirit. Don't miss out!

Feed your soul!

See ya at MF!

Rich Potter
Comedy, Juggling, and
Other Disasters
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Michael Rosman
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Location: Reisterstown, Maryland, USA
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Thanks to Robert Nelson, Steve Ragatz, Rich Potter and Daniel (Stitch) Forlano for their very nice and honest comments.

While the committee loves to hear the compliments, we realized early on that what made MotionFest so successful was the level of the attendees...Look at the names of the people who attended last year. Teachers and attendees were learning from each other, attendees were learning from other attendees.

No one teacher, committee person, nor attendee is was the collection of all there that made it so cool.

Steve Smith's new course description is on the Web site, or it will be soon. This description replaces the old one "whatever he wants to teach"

and great news, We have a two part plan that will greatly improve the food/restraurant situation. One part the hotel will like, the other part they will not find out about.

Michael Rosman

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