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Michael Rosman
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Post MotionFest Price Deadline extended

Our mistake, your bonus. MotionFest prices held!!!

I didn't send out messages telling everyone to get their reservations in before the Sept. 1, 2002 price increase!!

Anyhow my committee members say since we didn't get out a warning notice, we must
delay the price increase till...till Friday the 13th
of September. And so we will, get your reservation in now, set
your place in line, pick from our amazing instructors and
expect great things, MotionFest 4 will be more valuable to the high level performer than the first 3...if that is even possible. Never been, ask those that have!

There are airline sales going on right now! Check prices!

best regards,
Michael Rosman
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Daniel Forlano
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[ 09-13-2002: Message edited by: Daniel Forlano ]</p>
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Rich Potter
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You may room with me. Last time I found a nice place in the ditch by the overpass. There were some nice vittles to be found there as that seems to be where motorists toss out their garbage.

Your future roomie,


P.S. Oops; I just got an update. The space next to me in the ditch is already taken. Sorry, Dan.

Perhaps you can room with Garbo. (He's got all those cool inflatables.)
Rich Potter
Comedy, Juggling, and
Other Disasters
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