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Evan Young
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Post Pedro's Ponys

How many stufed animals does Pedro Tochas have now? I hear it's at least 20, plus several other small fuzzy animals.

Dave went to Pedro's room and said that Pedro is a obviously sick. His problem not only affecs him but the children at the casino. Pedro is especially excited about one animal, a dog, with wire in his ears, and spent about five minuits showing this off to Dave. Pedro want's to put this dog in his show, and he want's to go back to gather more.

Pedro is winning these animals at the "Midway Games" here in the casino where his compatition is often small children. He will sit back and watch for week contestants to show up to his game, and then pounce on the opourtunity.

We are here to help you Pedro. We have faith in you.

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Philip D.
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Pedro I have more "two games for one" coupons...come and get them...I am seeing children crying all over the game floor about some portuguese man who is ruining their fun...WAY TO GO. Make that impact on america.
Philip DePalo, MS, NREMTP
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