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Philip D.
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Post Banquet with Imperial Acrobats of China

Tonight we had our banquet and were lucky enough to have the current circus act join us. The Imperial Acrobats of China dined with us this evening and participated in the games of the night. They came up with the best "table trick"....go figure. However for the best table joke, there seemed to be some sort of language barrier...again go figure. Having The Butterfly Man being the judge of all the contests was by far the most entertaining part of the evening.

Now for another night of critiques...
Philip DePalo, MS, NREMTP
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Evan Young
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Having table 1 spit water all over the place was fun too. There was also a lot of ice thrown around.

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Fate found me seated next to the head of the troupe! I have no idea how the banquet went, was way too busy enjoying a wonderful exchange of friendship. My near always present photo albums and portable dvd player broke the ice and started the flow. He seemed to enjoy my little promo video and was very interested in Motionfest and the performers. Where they came from and the kinds of venues they performed at. And who paid for Motionfest. He seemed impressed that each of us were committed enough to pay for our own training and to freely share with one another.

Some of the troupe members are as young as 14, old as young 20's. And their carrers last only 10 years. By that time they are slowing down physicaly, and a new crop of accrobats is coming up.

When it was time to leave the gentleman offered me his hand, his name, and a very good lead for a festival performance! I am humbled by his
faith, trust and friendlyness.

This is Motionfest.

Walking tall and stretching imagination!

Bill "Stretch" Coleman

Home of Stretch the nine foot clown and his 18 foot tall giant puppets!

PS critques again continued until midnight. Top notch, cutting edge, creative acts . . . and advice freely offered.
Walking tall and stretching imaginations!
Bill 'Stretch' Coleman
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