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Butterfly Man
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Butterfly Stranger in a strange land

Attention, attention!

Please come to the aid of Todd Strong!

He has been captured by the Korean's and is serving time in a "winter Engrish camp" ... he has asked me to post this for him.

"So, my friend, may I ask a favor? I don't remember my code to get onto the MotionFest discussion board. Could you please make a post there, asking for tips on some good drama/improv exercises for my kids?

Here are the particulars:

- relatively limited English
- age about 12 - 13
- five females, seven males
- expressed an interest in drama, rather than music or art

What are some nice exercises that people have learned at MF, that they think may be useful here."

Any and all responses will be rewarded with a month's supply of kimchee.

Grok or Grock ... that is a question!
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martin ewen
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running blind excercise
isolation emotive exercise

and anything else you want to steal from the alan clay class bobby.

Google impro exercises

Still I understand, theres nothing like an asian isolation exercise to make you all needy and searching for excuses to e-mail friends with spontainious problems.

By the way does anyoneone have a good remedy for nappyrash
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Handonmy Member
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Balms and powders are nice, but really, if you just change your nappy more frequently, your bum won't get so irritated.

Swami Yomahmi
~The Original Sideshow Geek~
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