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Question Fire dancer &clown going to Europe. Where &how much in europe for car and insurance?

Hi there,I am planning my 2nd busking tour in europe.The last trip, I traveled by train ,bus ,thumb and networking.It was fun,but inconvenient and limiting.Does any one know about buying cheap cars in europe and will I need insurance and a special liscence?Also,could anyone recommend a city or festival for evening shows(fire friendly prefered).Thanks and super big hats to all!
Big Hats to all!
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dear aahda,
Just read your articule.Car buying is quite complicated .I live in australia but was born in england.The best place to buy a car is in england you can get cheap cars at the aution and i mean cheap.1oo to 2oo pounds is not a problem with a little bit of luck and maintenance it will get you allover europe.Firstly you will have to know a little bit about cars you can ask your local
mechanic.Secondly if you buy a car in england you will firstly have to register it then pay tax insurance this is the exspensive bit .Its all based on your age and if you have any no claims bonus.Possibley 400 pounds you can cash it in if you dont use the full year.Road side assistance is also important a further 120 pounds.I actually have a transit van for sale it is in amaculate condition with twelve months mot and tax.IF you buy a van you can sleep in it also which is also another bonus. Anyways hope i was some help you can contact me here if you have any further questions sincerly sean bridges bike boy x

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