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Default 4th of July in Boston - question

What is happenning on 4th of July weekend in Boston? Is it only fireworks and Boston Pops on the River - or there are other big events?
Also - did anybody ever worked for Boston West-Indian Carnival?
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Thumbs Up Boston's Independence Day

Who needs more than fireworks and Boston Pops?

Some years ago I had been playing on Harvard Square and realized, as the Pops/Fireworks show was about to start that there was no sense in continuing to play during the show. I went back to my van, which was in a high-rise parking garage, to relax for a couple of hours. On a hunch I drove up to the open roof parking area. It overlooks to Charles (?) River and the orchestra shell on the other side. Several folks up there had opened the doors of their cars and were blasting the radio broadcast of the Pops concert while we had unrestricted view of the coordinated fireworks bursting at eye level a half a mile away!

After the show folks straggled up from the river and I had a great night of busking.
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