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Default "The third of ninety-eight legs"

One of the places you had better not gone to unless you got some time and money to spare for sightseeing; I came with the idea of staying and performing in this town for a few days and between this, that and the other got stuck there for nearly three weeks. Maybe picked the wrong time of year; summer means bloody high temperatures which addles peopleīs minds (I speak from my own experience here). As far as other performers go, all I saw were a few classical musicians with amplified instruments.

Kind of an out-of-the-way place an hourīs ride north by bus from Zaragoza and a far-flung stoneīs throw away from the French border. Several available pitches and good money at the end of the day. No competition.

Famous for the "let the bulls loose in the city streets and see what may happen" extravaganza of the San Fermin fest. Did a couple of days a week or so after and it went okay; no hassle from the police and a decent audience. Evenings were better then mornings, but thatīs possibly only seasonal. May be back there in the autumn.

Two days and a half at the fag-end of the annual Fiesta Mayor which ended last friday. Excellent atmosphere and very good income.

Did the weekend and it could have been worse actually, despite the rain (at times accompanied by thunderbolts and lightning).
Today (monday) the sky is grey, the streets are wet and Iīll be off to the next town by one oīclock this midday.
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