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Post Volvo yacht race stopoover Auckland NZ

Hello everyone,
This is just a warning if you have been approached by an agent called Greg Lay,
R:E: The above gig or others regarding this agent.
He has a history of charging us out at massive rates and paying us minimal fees(taking a giant cut for himself). This has happened at the Casino here also at Big Fresh Supermarkets, his last 'sting' was at the Americas Cup Festivities where he fired everyone with no explanation(see report below)turning what was a fantastic 'mardi gras' into a desert full of tumbleweed.
I know some of you were flown out to do the Cup gigs and felt obliged to perform to honour the monies given for your travel, but were you paid ?
He is touting buisness at quite a few festivals in NZ and the performers here are refusing to work because of his tarred history.All I'm saying is be careful get money up front and read any contracts carefully.

PEACE ... Nick

WHO PAYS THE PIPERS? Listener Magazine Feb 5, 2000
by Barbara Dreaver

On the evening of January 6 and throughout the next day more than 80 entertainers working for the America’s Cup Village were sacked.Their agent Greg Lay Entertainment Ltd with a letter written on January 6 but with no explanation.
“We regret to advise that we are cancelling your performance/s at the American Express NZ Cup Village on the following date/s…This cancellation also applies to any dates that you may have programmed at the village during February. As per clause 7.10.3 of the Entertainers Agreement we are now giving you 10 days’ notice (inclusive of the date of this letter) of this cancellation.
This in no way is a reflection of the quality of your performance or work at theVillage. If you have been an ongoing part of the entertainment programme at the Village we would like to commend you on the professional excellence of your work. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you in the future. Warm regards, Briar Monroe, Events Co-ordinator”
The performers were told that those scheduled until midnight January 16th can receive a 50% cancellation fee or be rescheduled up until February 6. They were told that there was not enough money to pay them and there will be no more paid entertainment at the village after February 6, only buskers. Word quickly spread that Monroe has resigned from Greg Lay.
Most of the performers came to Auckland from out of town after being verbally promised work by Greg Lay. They turned down other jobs on the basis that they would have work for several months. The performers who came from overseas have work permits that only allow them to perform at the America’s Cup Village. Basically, they are stranded. They are also angry and wondering how there can be a provision of a certain level of entertainment, a requirement for planning consent. The ones I spoke to say they have never been treated like this before anywhere in the world.
The official press release from the America’s Cup Village (ACVL) says that all is well and rosy, that there is no problem the entertainment will continue as usual and they are very happy with Greg Lay Entertainment. At the time the press release went out, the entertainers were starting to pack their bags. Both Greg Lay and ACVL have been able to hide behind a “confidentiality agreement”. To date neither the media nor the entertainers have received an explanation.
Although the yachts are great, there is no question that the entertainers attract many people to the Village. ACVL spokeswoman Sue Foley says they know how important entertainment is, and they will ensure there will be entertainment of some kind after February 6 ‘till early March. She says Greg Lay has the entertainment contract and are not privy to who he hires and fires. Fair enough. But the latest development must be of concern to surrounding businesses. The businesses in the pavilion which is inconveniently placed at the far side of the Village are already struggling to attract the walk-in customer. The South Pacific section was told that large numbers of people would be passing through, but some days they are lucky if two people walk past. And they are forbidden to hand out publicity brochures in the main promenade. At least the entertainers assigned to the pavilion brought in some foot traffic. Unless things improve, the entertainers won’t be the only ones packing their bags.
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