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Canada Motion Fest West???

Okay, okay, I'm a little ignorant about what's going on in the whole community right now, but I can blame that on my other obession, Burning Man.

SOooooooo, I just found out about Motionfest happening in November 2004 in Baltimore. I am super stoked to go, although looking at the past records there was also a Motionfest West that was held in Feb of 2003. Will this be happening again in early 2005???? Getting to the west coast of the US is significantly easier then to the East, as I am a western Canadian and the airfares are going to gut me.

So if there is one in the west, I will postpone the Motionfest venture, but if not, then I will try my best to see you there. Please let me know so I can start to feel informed.

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Ummm... did you go to the motionfest web site?

The MotionFest in November 2004 is most likely the LAST MotionFest. (At least for quite a while.)

Try to go if you can.

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