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Michael Rosman
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Default 10 Notes Regarding MotionFest

1) The MotionFest hotel is WIFI (and it's free for MotionFest attendees) come to MotionFest and stay connected!

2) Cirque du Soleil performer Frisco Canyon has been added--afternoon classes--no sign up needed

3) Scotty Meltzer's comedy writing has officially been confirmed. It will make you funnier.

4) The hotel is running out of rooms. Let us know asap (preferably by Monday noon) if you intend to stay on site. 'On site registrations' and 'Drop-in's' are still welcome, but create more stress for the hotel.

5) Let us know if you want to be in the video shoot show (3 three chip digital video cameras)

6) Let us know if you want promo photos to be taken

7) Let us know if you want to teach an 'attendee led workshop'...3 more slots left

8) This is shaping up to be the biggest and best MotionFest ever---Check the schedule on our site

9) Bob Fitch is teaching a pre-MotionFest class 3pm on Wed. if you want to start early

10) This is going to be the last MotionFest. Don't miss out!

see you there!

call or email for info... 410.833.6763
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dave walbridge
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Default and why go?

If you haven't heard, you get tons of info (promo, legal, tools, performance), tons of contacts (most everybodygoes), gobs of classes from working pros (see site for list), free critique of your (short) work, a star studded show (So big and famous that I don't even get to bring the food to the guys who park the cars for the guys who clean up the lobby!) a great party, free breakfast, room included, xl tee shirt, all day elevator access, lunch delivered, thigh high wi-fi, and your show will be better just by breathing the same air as Robert Nelson. Yes, that Robert Nelson.

Get there!
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I will provide friendly, free taxi service from the airport to the venue. Let me know ahead of time whether you prefer the convertible or the limousine.

Oh, sorry, I don't have a limousine.

It's just a truck, in worse shape than Michael's. But it does the job, and has plenty of cargo area.
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Butterfly Man
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Embarrassed sucking air

Yes, as Dave mentioned, I will be attempting to inspire orally as well as rectally this year.
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