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Drew Richardson
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Default new Motionfest afternoon workshop

As if you need any more reasons to attend MotionFest:
I'm going to be giving a workshop/lecture on How To Make a Silent Movie: No Budget / No Sound, based on my experiences last year making twelve one-minute silent movies that were shown before major motion pictures in different parts of the U.S. (DVD coming soon). One of my movies is up on my website (

Right now the workshop is scheduled for Thursday from 3-4 PM
Topics may include:
Why make a silent movie?
Equipment, software, and learning resources
Creating material on paper and on camera
Lessons learned the hard way
Screening of some of my movies with live director commentary
Editing in progress (I just shot a thirteenth movie for the DVD yesterday and I'll be working on it during MotionFest)

There will be a great resource handout given to all participants.

Drew the Dramatic Fool
aka Drew Richardson
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