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Default "Street Theater" a Documentary Video - Now Available

I just wanted to start a thread to discuss this new video that you'll all probably hear about soon if you haven't already. Here's the blurb from the web site:

Award winning Canadian documentary filmmaker, Peter Shatalow has just released a feature length documentary on DVD: STREET THEATRE Volume One.
Some of the worlds best Buskers were filmed live on the streets for this action packed film. Mixing raw street performance and up-close and personal interviews_ the documentary spotlights;

Alakazam, Jeff Collins, The Flaming Butterflies, Gazzo, The Coadster, Silver Elvis, Taxi Trix, Chalkmaster Dave,_The Silly People, Michael O'Neil, The Jim Show, Master Lee,_ Bernadette et Rita, DynaMike, Stitch, Trulee Odd, Aytahn, The Cowguys, Jeff Hill, Aidan Orange, Daisy and Derrick and The Fire Guy.

There's a 5 minute trailer for the video here:

Peter Shatalow spent the summer of 2002 going to festivals and filming and interviewing dozens of performers (including me.) The result is this 1 hour and 40 minute documentary on street performing. The video starts with a montage of performers discussing what they do for a living and what street performing is to them... then it goes on to give each act a segment (3-5mins) with highlights of their show and voice-over audio clips of their interviews.

The basic angle of the video is to attempt to uncover what it is we do and why we do it. The performers range from statues to chalk artists to Alakazam and everything in between.

It's a very interesting video and the first completed film I've seen on street performing. (I've been filmed and interviewed dozens of times for "documentaries" that never saw the light of day.)

There are many notable acts missing (veterans like Butterfly Man and Checkerboard Guy, plus hardly any acts from places other than North America) but there is a good sampling of types of acts and differing levels of experience. So, there's something for everyone... beginner on up.

It's definitely worth checking out, especially if you're just getting started performing... there are many many words of wisdom from seasoned pros that I wish I had heard when I was just starting. (I just hope you newbies don't grab this video and pad out your acts with new material! There's tons of stuff to steal here, but please don't! Watch and learn... listen to advice. You'll get more out of it that way, I promise.

If anyone else has this video, let us know what you think in this thread.


P.S. I'm not getting kickbacks for the sale of this video! I just think it's a pretty cool project and I'd love to see Peter (who's a real nice guy who worked hard on this) make his money back.

Peter's web site with video ordering info is here:
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Thanks for the mention of my STREET THEATRE DVD. The response has been great. Here are a couple of quotes from people who have purchased the DVD.

From Jonathan A. :

"Thank you so much for the DVD. Awesome and inspiring sums it up.I loved
every act on the DVD. Great job to them and very interesting people."

‘The ultimate word on street acts that work” – Jonathan Parker, SF, USA

"You are the man. I love your DVD on the street performers in Canada. Do you have any more DVD's like this. I loved it. You are the best at what you do and keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you at the Oscars."
It's nice to hear positive reactions after struggling so long to complete the project. Hopefully I'll sell enough DVDs and be back on the streets this summer filming volume 2.
Best wishes,
Peter Shatalow
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