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Talking 4th street Fair, Tuscan, AZ - Question

Did anybody ever worked for the 4th street fair in Tuscan? It looks like a huge event and they do advertise street performers - but I never got any replies to my e-mails...Do we need a permit or audition for the entertainers list to participate - or just show up and work?

Please e-mail directly to
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I worked it a couple of years ago, you have to pay them, to perform. You need a liscence and ahave to pay an entry fee of some sort. I think it cost $65. Not a very profitable venture, I did it because I was in the area. I certianly wouldn't make a long distance trip for it, but it is worth it if you're not far away.
I have the contact info back home, but I am currently far away from there.
If you go to Tucson, ask around 4th street, and someone will pioint you in the right direction. good luck
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Hi Irina,

I did this street fair for four years back in the mid 1980s because I was a student at University of Arizona right down the street. I'm sure someone has more updated information, but I will tell you my experience.

First of all, it really helps if you have some kind of sound that will amplify your act. A non-amplified act just gets lost in the noise of the crowd. I have had the experience of fighting over a spot, but that may have been just the performers of the time.

The economy of Tucson is a depressed one, maybe even moreso now- it's not like a major port city where there is a lot of income. This will impact your hat. If you are an experienced performer, I would think that, with a little luck, you could make enough money to consider the gig worth it. If you are a new performer, it's a decent place to get some experience. Above all, I would not go out of my way for it- if it is convenient for you to attend, and you dont' have anything else to do, go for it. And bring LOTS to drink, it's the desert. Good luck!
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