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Lightbulb A New Street Festival...?

Afternoon all... would like to get your input on a the best way to host and run a busking festival (shouldn't say busking cause we are hoping to be fully sponsored and due to a tangle of public regulations may not be able to hat the crowd anyhow)
Currently we are planning a Street Performance Fest either December or January here in Hong Kong. At present we plan to take place over 10 days, plan to pay a fair daily rate (at present no hats) plus airfare accommodation etc...
I would love to have some input from any worldly street performers that may want to share the best and worst things they have seen at festivals...

much obliged,
Robert Rogers
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martin ewen
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For local experience and immediate digestability try
(Jimmy wong)
If you want a long term international success that will take 3 times the budget but with the greatest well of expeirience and goodwill on the planet (but is a long shot at best)
Try getting dick finkel out of retirement, he lives closeby
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Peter Voice
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Martin is right!

At the very least, you should talk, at length, with Dick Finkel.

If you want to do this well and you have a genuine plan, then the cost of a trip to visit him for a week will be worth it, ten times over.

It's a strange form of juggling and Dick is the best there is, believe me I've done it myself.

You might also consider making an appointment with Robert Nelson next time the Butterfly flutters by in his travels. That, too, will be worth the effort.

PS. I like your approach, tell Dick I said Hello.

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Every-one should watch their drawers!
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Mr.Taxi Trix
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You can also begin a conversation with Dick on email. (email me for his email if you like.) He is the best producer of street festivals I know of, and, when not consulting for the Edmonton Festival in Canada, which he ran for years, lives a peaceful life in nearby Hua Hin, Thailand. If you do go visit, ask him to take you to the elephant farm.

Best of luck with your festival. I am glad you're asking performers: this bodes well.
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