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Butterfly Man
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Thumbs down What the *#@%!

I just received this from

it wasn't signed ...

"Are you still involved with the Windsor Buskerfest?

I remember I was shunned out because I was local. It's nice to know that the great butterfly man doesn't support new talent. OK that was my rant. You can see I have a little angst towards you. I don't know if it is well founded. I was told by Ken the reason was because of you. Now I no longer wish to do buskerfests...not lucrative enough. It's better to have a paid gig for an hour and recieve $1000+ (y'know what I mean?). I am putting a Winter Buskerfest together and want up and coming talent, not name talent. Name talent should have paid gigs and not still trying to make it. I guess people who are still doing busking just seem to be untalented. They all do the same jokes and gags. Nothing new under the sun. ( deleted ) comes to mind. They do the same jokes and gags as other jugglers.

Anyway do you know of any unique talent?"

Gee, and I thought everybody loved me.

btw my reply was: Yeah, I got yer unique talent right here (hand gesture deleted).
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Mr.Taxi Trix
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Ahh, the glory days. Watching Hawaii 2 Oh running around begging for crowds, diapers chafing their legs, the Silly People hanging from lamposts by their wedgies on the edges of various pitches. This kid has no idea what he missed. Let's shave him
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martin ewen
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Lurk Call me Kissinger.

You must follow the Powell doctrine, overwhelming force, annihilation.
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Default what a d*ck

Must of what he says is shit. But he's right about us all using the same lines. Of course we all use the same lines, we all have the same dealer right?
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Road Mage
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I use some original lines in my show...

....thats why nobody laughs...

All the best

Owen Lean
The Road Mage
"Why Don't We Do It In The Road" - Lennon & McCartney
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Doctor Eric
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I've gotten a bit bored lately. I could use a road trip, let's go gang rape him with a nice set of golf clubs and an egg-beater.

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poor kid
maybe less time on hate mail and more time working on his act would help!
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Scot YES!

You're one of the reasons that that guy was not in a street fest. You're also one of the reasons your wife didn't marry a retard.

If it weren't for other options all illiterate morons would get exactly what they want.

I hope that boosted your ego enough that you'll suggest me as an original busker. There's just something about street shows in the winter.
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