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YoYo Guy
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Default "Do you guys do birthday parties?"

I'm wondering your opinion on the subject of someone coming up to you after you do a show for 300 people and ask the birthday party question. I'm really amazed that people ask and it is always followed by "It's for my son turning two" or "It is this saturday." (Usually in peak season) I'm often just speechless and my wife and I do a really long ummm...and explain that it is just not possible to do a giant unicycle, and hula hoops with yo-yos in somebodys living room.

Today we were just on a walk about town and someone stopped us and asked the B-party question. They always seem offended when we say no and I am wondering how to turn down people the right way. (That is exactly why we don't want to go into someones living is too personal...and their budget is $50)


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Lee Nelson
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its a weird one, your instinct is to laugh but the professional in you wont let you. I simply put a huge price on it
I have only ever done one birthday party but I was paid well for it, and they really really wanted me or they were gullible and naive
I was $1000 richer but needed to wash the pop and cake out of my costume and have more than the usual amount of wind down drinks!!!!
I think this method works well!!!
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Default The horror, the horror...

I used to do kid's parties and - shudder, gag, wince - mitzvahs, but now I just say no. Or I tell them that my rates start at $350, which most people can't afford. I don't miss it. I kind of like being jaded.
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Default b'day parties

Y'all have the right idea: quote a price that is perhaps double your normal fee, then use the extra money to self-medicate afterwords. I'm guessing there are no young and hungry yo yo performers that you could refer your party people to? Oh well.
It is so different for music acts; birthday parties are one of my easiest gigs because usually I need no sound system.
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martin ewen
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Up your end of the woods (mass) I'd explain its a specialist kind of gig and you know a pro and refer them to Jenny the juggler. She's actually built a nice little earner out of it and she's great both at the gigs and the whole educative put your mind at ease telephone stuff beforehand. She's got the best telephone manner I've ever heard. Comes from being an ex biz manager.
Or start of by sighing and saying, "well the thing is for smaller audiences I end up being REALLY expensive." Some people take that as a challenge.
Or tell them its possible but you insist on seeing a photo of the child first. Look at it and say "thats hideous, did you make that?"
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