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Cool Want to busk my way around England (balloons).

I'm a balloon artist, and for years I have been making elaborate dream plans of taking several months at a time to explore the English countryside. Dream plans, because it would take me 30 or 40 years to save up the money needed to do so.

As I have been getting proficient enough with balloons that I've become a full time balloon artist, mostly working in restaurants for tips (I don't make a lot of money, but I can pay for rent, my car, and food), I started thinking about maybe partially 'performing' my way around the country, to allow me to do this much sooner than otherwise might have been possible.

I'm interested in travelling much of England from about mid-April to mid-July in either 2006 or 2007, sightseeing most of the time, but maybe spending a couple of hours a day at a restaurant, festival, market, or something else of the sort, making balloon sculptures for people for tips.

Some of the messages I see in this forum convince me that this is probably doable, and I will continue to read for more information, but I was wondering if anybody has any specific information in regards to balloons or clowning, and traveling England.

Any thoughts and information would be much appreciated!
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I to do balloons and alot of the shopping centres in the country won't mind too much. However, alot of them are privatly owned and do require a license.

Some may ban balloons selling (as that is what they consider it) - In the shopping centre I perform in I am allowed to do balloons because they are part of my act and I am not technically selling them.

Other places like Leicester Square won't allow it. Nor will Trafalgar (Privatly owned by the Museum)

If you do come on over to this country. Let me know and Ill try and help out.
Sam 'X'
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