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Hope your summer is great and your hats are full.

I wasn't sure how much interest there would be here in this forum, but i figured I would announce this here anyhow.

The website for my new book "The Festival Entertainer" - The professional entertainer's guide to booking and working outdoor fairs, festivals, and events is now online.

I have also included some samples from 6 chapters in the book.

It can be found at .

Wishing you all the best!

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Default not to diss....

but why don't you just share your wealth of knowledge and show how rich your are by being a kind and giving soul man. remember we are all in this together in an eternal struggle to keep the head above water. give a little and get alot. booking festivals is no more than appearing proffesional and asking to get booked ...... angel
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Default I bought the book

and it is a good value, very informative, a sound investment.

And better by far than another such book recently published.
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Thank you for the kind words regarding my book. I hope it helps you out.


I highly doubt you would give away all of your material for free. Why should I? If you already know what it is about, then you wouldn't need this anyway, right?

I have basically put what has been my "lifes work" for the last several years and put it in a book in an effort that it may help someone, since I am getting out of the game to pursue other opportunities.

Some may like it, others may not. But I believe it is worth it for those who will use it.

Thank you both for your comments! At least it got people talking ;-)

Keith Stickley
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I also bought Keith's book. It is well worth twice the price. Got it one day and started to put what I learned to work as soon as possible. Getting results now and will be boking festivals within a month.

Already paid for itself!
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