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Default Controversy

Yesterday night, taking a stroll down Barcelona's Ramblas. I saw one of the more disturbing performances Iīve seen over the years. Imagine a guy wearing the "traditional" prison garb (zebra striped shirt and pants) "strapped into" in this contraption he knocked up which looked suspiciously like an electric chair complete with power supply of sorts. The upshot of his act was that people dropped coins into his tin to see him go through the motions and sounds of getting "electrocuted". And maybe the most perturbing thing of all (although without a doubt good for the guy behind the act) was that he made okay money judging by the coins that went from wallets etc into his jar. Psychologists who specialize in crowd behaviour and motivations might have a field day with this one.
Okay, so thatīs enough for an intro. Basically, this thread is for eyewitnesses to controversial, shocking and suchlike street shows of any kind. Past and present. Describe them as completely as possible along with your ideas about what you saw. And thatīs all. Really.
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That's shocking.

But it's a new and novel idea that is working. It's obviously all in fun and entertaining.

There's a guy in Barcelona who likes to do headstands in shards of glass. I've seen him in person there and on a travel video.

I also saw a living statue in a tophat who sits on a toilet...huge crowd.
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