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Default The first step... (to infinity and beyond)

This summer I am officially going busking. I live in Vermont and am going to Church street, a pedestrian only part. I am not worried about drunks since Vermont is a GREAT state (I could always run away in a straight line with no fear of being caught ). I am getting that anxious feeling of being out there with people walking by with heads down. I think you need a permit because I saw the police talking to someone, where as I have seen a juggler style fellow perform hassle free. I am wondering what you seasoned pros have to say about the basics. That would include croud gathering, keeping everyone happy, the hat pass and drop lines (sometimes from tricky situations, such as on a giraffe uni).
Help would be much appreciated.
Eric, the soon to be world renowned juggler of great prestige.
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Daniel Forlano
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What I know is perhaps obsolete but, accordingly, you do need a permit. It is easily attainable at the town arts council (Chamber of Commerce (?) or some office of the sort, I don't remember) located at the lower end of Church street. I believe you have to visit the office each day to get a permit before you work. I remember it being about $5.

As for performing: without some specifics I really don't know what to tell you. Experiment for yourself. You say people walk with their heads down? Your challenge is to get them to look up. If you are convinced their heads are down it will be a hard task. However, if you see a person's potential to want to watch you they will be more inclined to do so. Be positive. Ask yourself who you want to watch your show, what you want to show them, and why you want to be paid for it. Answering these questions with honesty is a great start. Then you can experiment and find out how to tell these things to your audience in an artistic, funny way.


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I want to try doing a show (gathering a crowd, etc.) not just juggling with a hat out. I did do this in france (juggling with a hat out) in a market and that was the feeling I got. It felt like everyone was rushing to get the best peas and carrots and considered me an obstacle blocking their way. I did have a nice expirience when I was juggling for fun, waiting for my mom and some nice old fellow came up and gave me money, because he had recognized me. I tried to explain that today I was working for fun, but he insisted all the same. You may think I'm crazy trying to refuse money, but thanks for the help all the same.
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