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nick nickolas
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Default Rob Torres

Anyone know his phone number? whereabouts?

cheers nick
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best I can do is an email address
I guess he's still based in New York.
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martin ewen
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Lurk He gets boats I get medieval villages

Gav, consider getting into the habit of writing 'at' instead of '@' when you post e-mails up on public BB's
It just takes the weight off the slew of junk mail that desends after the bots find the address.
Rob is probably lieing next to the pool on a cruise ship in some balmy tropical local. He's cracket that market and also, being a wee bit genius, has distorted what is acceptable in cruise ship entertainment content. His show is weird and offbeat but he's canny enough to pick his moments and win battles based on timing and cunning such that he has all the powerful casting people onside and all the usual middle management tyrants intimidated.
He works 6 months a year for excellent money and then cherrypicks gigs, (often at a loss) based on who else is doing them or whether it will be fun.
Bit of a zen master. He chucked everything but the clothes on his back, a motorbike and a small case of props and extra underwear about a year ago and just cruises round being silent and funny and weird and wise.
That e-mail should work.
Make sure you have an interesting cast, thats what he's looking for.
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Your Host
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Yup, he's in the Mediterranian right now on a ship. I hung out with him in September and he was telling me about his schedule. I think he comes over to the Caribbean after the first of the year and he's booked on ships through May.
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Butterfly Man
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Love Zen master my ass ... more like, dumped by a Rockette

he's bald, you know ...
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Rob Torres
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Actually, he chooses to be bald, you know. If he decided to tatoo his head he could naturally cover it up if he wanted to.
__________________________________________________ _

Nick drop an e-mail to with your # and I'll give you a ring. Talk to you soon.
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