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Peter Voice
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Default Delta Dave

Delta Dave took his own life in August, I think, 1999. I thought I wrote something in the old boards but can't find it so I'm writing it again.

David Ebbels (AKA Delta Dave) was a ubiquitous busker in Melbourne for nearly two decades. He was an ordinary guitarist and singer with a creative streak and one of the world's kindest hearts. He also suffered terrible depression and had all sorts of bouts with drugs, both illicit and prescribed.

Watching Dave work was an enlightening thing. He'd turn up on the most over-loaded push bike you would see outside China and set up his show. Teddy bears, strings, spiders and drums, he was a truly remarkable one-man band, even orchestra.

Dave made great bucks. His creativity and energy well and truly made up for his limited music skills.

Dave also gave all the money away.
He wasn't stupid or a sucker, his trolley was always full of fresh food for any-one who needed or wanted it. Many times he was sleeping rough himself whilst helping other street people.

The most respected daily newspaper here, "The Age", devoted almost half a page to an article headlined "Peace for an Angel of the Street".

I had to look some of this stuff up today and another performer who knew Dave came around while I had it spread on the table. It was hard not to cry.

I have at least one beautiful image of Dave that I'll put up as soon as I can find it.

RIP, gypsy bluesman Delta Dave.
Every-one should watch their drawers!
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Mostly I remember Dave playing delta blues music outside the Commonwealth bank in Swanston Walk and Coles in Bourke St Melbourne..
They were his usual spots in town and there were many hangers on singing in the evenings and families with children checking out thread bear and the entourage of other toy animals that were a part of his band.
Later in his life Dave bought a van and went touring up the East coast of Aus. He also played outside the RSL's in the burbs.
He always looked after people. Giving food and fruit drinks away to the streeties. He was a vibrant and colouful part of Melbourne's street culture for many years.
He was always supportive of me and the other artist's I worked with. The end of his life must have been horrible. I was upset for weeks after he died. I know a lot of Melbourne people remember him fondly he was so much part of a particular 80's ,90's era where street performing became a popular element of Melbourne street life.
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