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UK Dave Marsh

Dave Marsh was a drummer who sessioned and played with many bands in the Salisbury Area. Unfortunately, due to several serious illnesses, fame often came close but passed him over.

Several bands, on the verge of the big time had to leave him behind, causing many crises of conscience with many musicians, although few of them really made it without them.

This however had its up side, it enabled him to play for fun with many musicians. I once heard him bashing out for "The Troggs" and for Hugh Cornwell.

If a famous band came to Salisbury, Dave could always blag a freebie and normally got to bash the drums with the band, either during the sound check and sometimes (with Uriah Heep for instance) during the show.

Towards the end of his life Dave found true love with a beautiful woman, Lucy, who loved him dearly and a twist in technology enabled him to tour Britain with his third kidney. It was with a Country Rock band which surprised all of us, but he earned some money and enjoyed the tour.

Dave died aged just 42 of a brain heamorrage in 2002. I will never forget him, and neither will the music scene in salisbury. Although the drummer always dies first, his surviving band members had all long given up chasing the dream and resigned themselves to paying the mortgage by the time he died - still rocking.
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