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Default Playlist?

Hey all,

I was just wondering, what are some of the songs that you guys play before and during your shows. I was just wondering, havning heard all kinds...

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Default Turn it up...

Pre-show songs:
Vogue by Madonna
Big Time by Peter Gabriel

During show:
I'm a Believer by Smashmouth
Everywhere by Michelle Branch
It's in His Kiss by Cher
Beautiful Day by U2
Precious Illusions by Alanis Morissette
Larger than Life by Backstreet Boys
Right Here Right Now by Jesus Jones

Big Time by Peter Gabriel
True Colors by Cindy Lauper

I'm always listening to the radio when I'm driving, looking for new songs for my show. One song I'd love to use but haven't yet: "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith
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I dont use music in my shows. Where I perform amplified music isnt allowed. I guess I have to learn how to juggle while playing the a harmonica one man band style.

I'm interested in hearing what people use in their street shows. I'd like to try music when I move to a new area.

When I make juggling videos I seem to use everything from MC Hammer to the Chemical Brothers.
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Marcus Wilson
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Wheels by Cake
Big n Bad by Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy
Those are my two favorites
Marcus Wilson
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Default Show music

I count on my fellow performer who's ten years younger to pick...

Fire - Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing, Chris Isaak

Bullwhip - March of the Toreadors from Carmen
Every Time I See You Cry (It Makes Me Smile) Lily Adams

Aerial Hoop - Tango music
Shirley Bassey
Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Jet

Aerial Silk - Mysterious Ways, U2
Clocks, Coldplay

Equipment Change - Vibeology, Paula Abdul

Preshow - Video Killed the Radio Star, The Buggles
Let's Get it Started, Black-Eyed Peas
Switch - Will Smith
Route 66 - Depeche Mode
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Doctor Eric
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James Bond/mission Impossible medley-Brian Setzer Orchestra

Knife Chase-Tom Waits

James Bond Theme-John Zorn

Peter Gunn Theme

One Way or Another/Blondie

I've been thinking of changing it...

Spider Baby-Fantomas
Nikki-Prince or Bien Bien-Control Machete

For some reason, I always want to put "Unsung" by Helmet in my show, but I don't know why...

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When I juggle I whistle or hum carnival music haha. It makes even the most simple juggling tricks 100% more entertaining.
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