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Default Reg Bolton

I sadly inform you all that a legend has died yesterday.
Reg authored the book 'Circus in a suitcase' and was an avid advocate of community circus in both England and Australia. He started the first circus school in western Australia and was responsible for teaching tens of thousands of children circus skills and basically how to get more joy out of life.

Reg also owned the only circus supply shop in Western Australia.

It is truly a sad loss as those who new him will understand. He was always a vibrant and positive man and will be missed by family and friends alike.

Rest well Reg.
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nick nickolas
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Heard a few days ago myself...
I have heard of Reg for many many years we met up early this year was wonderful to see him and the aboriginal kids circus..I followed 'em on stage in Armadale W.A.,,,
Then he was with another group of kids at the Fremantle buskers festival where they followed me,,
he was top chipper and full of spirits at the Freo Fest rap party only a few months ago,, wow so sudden!!
Reg Bolten a true legend ,, a man who lived to give..
R.I.P. Reg,, t'was a inspiration to have met you..
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Mat Ricardo
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Very sad.."Circus in a suitcase" was one of the books that got me into all of this in the first place.

He's gone, but the number of people that he inspired to get into this business...he's left quite the legacy..

Be more cynical.
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Reg Bolton used to operate The Suitcase Circus from a church hall in Salisbury.

Many of the youngsters that took part now run cub scout troops, perform in juggling clubs or work proffessionally in theatre.

I remember being very impressed by the unicycling and the juggling and the magic tricks.

He was a big influence on me even after he moved to Australia.

He is sadly missed by many people here.
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Peter Voice
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In the early '90s before the establishment of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), Reg ran a Circus and Festive Arts school in the Melbourne suburb of Williamstown.

His teachings had a profound and lasting effect, not only on those who studied under him but on the entire festival/festive performance landscape.
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