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Love Will Rogers Comedy Variety Show Script help wanted:

Greatings folks,

I have enjoyed the comrodery of motion fest and long for that kind of honest and creative feed back. I have been developing a "new" show that follows the carear of Will Rogers from Wild West, Vaudavile and burlesque as it pertains to comedy variety arts. He said a lot, nearly 1 million published words. I've been adapting his jokes and gags for this show that I feel are the most funny and timely.
Please if you can give me any critique, script doctoring help, directorial ideas, or anyother feed back on the show it would realy help and of course would be greatly appreciated. Will Rogers was one of the most successfull variety artists so I feel compelled to share it with all of pnet to help me represent. The element of variety arts may not be totally aparent at first in the script. I will be working primarly with lassos. I throw in a signiture kind of trick in lu of throwing 2 and 3 lassos at once which i cant, with doing three stunts at once while spinning a rope.
there is a good posibility I will chime in from time to time during the show to give my own personal 2 sents worth, but I havent integrated that into text much yet. I welcome any ideas on jokes or tricks and observations on this trickster/m.c narator character too.
You can see the script for HOW THE WEST WAS SPUN, at
Please feel free to post coment directly at blog for various sceens or email me directly of call.

Thank you, thank you, respect.

please feel free to add this post to anyother spot that might be more appropriate.

Thank you
Live every day as if it's your last, and someday you'll be right.
-Fred Garbo

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