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Happy Pig
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New Zealand Auckland

All you folks who Played in the Auckland Buskers Fest. What was it like? I'm thinking of a trip later in the year, Which are the good pitches? what's the Aotea square market like?
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martin ewen
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There were 7 pitches at the auckland fest.
The prime sites were QEll square at the bottom of Queen st which has good traffic and space and an advantage of having a roof over part of it so its possible to work when its wet. (still not that easy but possible)
The Viaduct (where the americas cup is based) is a good weekend pitch and the markets in Aotea Sq are in their infancy but shows have happened there.
Vulcan lane is small but workable dependent on your show.
You don't need permits .
Nick nickolas is the ambassidor for auckland and as he's moving things may well change but its been a standing tradition that if you let him know your coming from overseas he'll pick you up and get you accomidated as cheaply as poss for the price of a duty free bottle of single malt.
You risk being savaged at poker and loose more than a bottles worth otherwise.
Also happy pig you need to get yourself an e-mail account as otherwise you are anonymous and its standard protocol for you to be identifiable here. Manditory even.

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