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Ash Circle
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Question traveling with fire gear

Before getting on a plane, we wash out our torch heads and nalgene fuel containers with soap and water and let them dry. We then seal the containers and seal the torches in multiple ziplock bags. There is no detectable smell.

Coming back from Singapore by plane through Chicago last week, we were subject to a random search, and the transport and aviation authorities decided that any and all items related to fuel were inpermissable and were confiscated. This included our torch heads and containers.

In the bag we included a letter detailing who we are and included a list of our fire gear and a promo pic so that the contents of our bag wouldn't surprise an inspector.

Anyone else have similar experiences, or know how this can be avoided in the future? How do others travel with their fire torches by plane? Is there a method for transporting fire gear that will pass, or do we just have to expect occasional gear replacement?


Rick (aka Loki)
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Zamora TK
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A standard airline policy is they do not allow any flammables of containers that used to contain flammables. The reason is that an empty container that has contained a flammable liquid is full of fumes that can be more dangerous than the liquid.
To get around this I always try to dry out my torches, sometimes using a hair dryer if there is not much time, and fill my empty fuel containers to the brim with water. I figure this way I can talk my way out of it if they say no fuel containers.
Well, I just flew from SF to Las Vegas and did not have time to dry out my torches.
They went through my stuff "downstairs" and confiscated my fuel container full of water but left my stinky torches. Lucky for me they lef the torches because I had a show to do as soon as I got of the plane.
The moral of the story ... do you best to pack your fire stuff as safely as posable but be prepared to lose any fire equipment that you fly with.

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